Belgrano lost the Atlético Tucumán in Alberdi for the Super League

Belgrano was defeated by Independiente and had to put together three others to climb the average record, but … he dropped 3-1 by Atlético Tucumán dated 13 of the Super League.

Leonardo Sequeira, of punishment, on April 1 for Belgrano to 12 of the PT. He tied it Bruno Bianchi, at 32. And turning it Leandro Díaz at 12 ST. And at 37, Luis Miguel Rodríguez he had a good goal for 3-1.

Team of Ricardo Zielinski, who was a trainer in Belgrano, was joining a football in Giant of Alberdi. In the last, Russia was honored. His team had the second place in the table.

With this result, There are 11 points in Belgrano in the 13 dates of Superliga and it continues to continue in the & # 39; secret belt in the menu of the averages (see the tables below).

What happened in the game

A full game began in Alberdi, trying Belgrano to be placed on the right with Sequeira speed and moved some clear opportunities to move the course on their behalf.
Atlético Tucumán did not move and went away without an order.

The Santiagueño Sequeira decided to last nine and lasted the exact mail Luchetti had taken away and a few minutes later, Lugo Suarez played who was converted in the area and the penalty given by Sequeira the goal.

But the "B" stayed, the mistakes became worse than usual and the visitor was a member. The "Dean" came with what he has and managing his middle game up.

When they were 31, a center from which you can see is down at the expense; it was returned to the center and Bianchi was in terrible terrorism to end the objectives in the # 39; first spectacular view of the trip.

With 1 to 1, the local area tried to emerge, but its constraints were firmly emerging.

In the second half, the weaknesses of Belgrano emerged as a whole and Atlético benefited them. First to continue on the scoreboard and then to close the game, continue to grow in the & # 39; record and show when you know what you play, you can win in any court.

The people just ask a bit to "make H" out, but in fact, the team does not have a game, because it does not return to the games and although it was on the # 39 ; a scanner, he did not know how to keep it first and get back after the incident.

The Pirate at the worst time is immersed in the & # 39; since he returned to First in 2011, as the beginning seems unlikely to be easy and there are roads and Competition was given to every type of resource he did not know how to make it an advantage.

The "B" was a team screen, which brought benefits and that the opponent knew how to win. Unrestricted in attack and benefits in the middle and back, the picture is not so difficult.

The situation

Belgrano: César Rigamonti; Tomás Guidara, Hernán Menosse, Matías Nani and Sebastián Luna; Maximiliano Lugo, Federico Lértora, Juan Brunetta and Gabriel Alanís; Leonardo Sequeira and Matías Suárez. DT: Diego Osella.

Atlético Tucumán: Christian Lucchetti; José San Román, Bruno Bianchi, Jonathan Cabral and Mathias Abero; Guillermo Acosta, Neri Leyes, David Barbona and Ricardo Noir; Javier Toledo and Leandro Díaz. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Aims: PT, 12m Sequeira (B). ST, 31m Bianchi (AT). ST, 12m Leandro Díaz (AT), 37m Luis Miguel Rodríguez (AT).

Changes: ST, 13m Adrián Balboa le Brunetta (B); 18m Juan Mercier le Barbona (AT); 21m Jonás Aguirre le Luna (B); 23m Luis Miguel Rodríguez for Toledo (AT); 34m Fabricio Brener by Sequeira (B).

Progress: Guidara (B); Aliendro and Abero (AT).

Translator: Mauro Vigliano. Court: Belgrano.

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