Bipy pets: the mill with GPS and 4G for personalized pets

Bipy Personalized Masks, a renowned coach that allows you to find pets by using a GPS and 4G network. In addition, he has other senses to experience the status of the animal in real time.

Bypy Pets will accompany other devices by the Bypy Children and Bipy Inults company; donated, to monitor children and adults.

It's a small device in the & # 39; A magnificent hair cell that can be changed to the woodier of the pets and allows him to know the situation in a timely manner, which supports the GPS network and 4G. He also has a microphone and speaker so that the owner and his pet can know.

Other features include Bipy Pets that measure the physical activity of the animal and has a sense to falling to the water, of temperature temperature. An owner of a pet can see and sign up from a mobile application that is compatible with iOS and Android.

The cost of marriage is 4999 pesos and can be purchased in installments without an interest from the Personal Store.

The subscription device must be connected to the network of $ 130 per month, and includes calls and dependent data for the site's work.

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