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Black image from the event Horizon Telescope could be just hours away – Science News

Maybe we are just hours away from seeing a black hole event for the first time.

That's right: every picture of a black hole you have ever seen is an artist's idea.

"This is the first time that our intention has been to look close enough to capture a picture of a real black hole," said Professor Tamara Davis, an artist from the University of Queensland.

The device that enables it to be fitted is called the Teopcope Horizon Event (EHT). In fact, it is a network of radio telescopes that span the globe, it is full of visual power, trained on two really big black holes, to try to get some of the historic paintings.

And the EHT team have called for a press conference. Seven newspaper conferences, being correct, on four continents and five languages, all starting at 11 o'clock tonight (AEST).

No-one outside the project knows exactly what they are saying but they have been described as a "modern result".

The EHT campaign began seven years ago with the aim of looking directly at a direct black hole environment.

One of the telescopes in the Telescope network is Maxwell Presbyterian Maxwell at the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii, where Jessica Dempsey Australian is assistant deputy.

“We have made a vessel of the size of the planet,” she said.

By bringing together nine products of differing nine foods from Antarctica to Europe, Dr Dempsey and her integrated 9,000 kilometer telescope colleagues can make it the biggest camera in the world. -world.

“To give you an idea of ​​how small you can see if you're sitting in a pub in Perth it would be possible to see one seated in the pub in Sydney. you'd only be able to see you. you'd be able to see its color, and you'd see the type of beer he was drinking, "she told Catalyst ABC earlier this year.

Receiving this global telescope network is associated with the activity. The workers would need to know the timing of the marks in each of these telescopes to one billion men to ensure that they all watched the same thing at the same time.

“We are stupid work because of impossible work and this should not be working,” said Dr Dempsey. But if the estimate is published tonight, that's the same.

The researchers have targeted two fascinating black holes, including the one in the middle of our galaxy on the Milk Way, Sagittarius A *.

This is 26,000 light years off the Earth and is 4 million times the sun, but with dark standards above it is rather small.

The other is M87 and is much larger, but much longer. It is 54 million years of light away from the Earth in the middle of the Ice, close by, in a corner, with a 3.5 billion pound larger than the sun.

“In both cases, we hope to see a picture of the black hole at the heart of the depot and that everything else is circulating,” explained Professor Davis.

It is not directly involved in the project but is an interested, transparent observer.

"It would be amazing to see this and prove that a real hole at the center of the accuracy is a black hole, so proofing that there are so many prefixes," she said.

What would the black hole look like?

Although we couldn't look directly at seeing a black incident, other ideas we could make, along with a sympathetic theory, gave scientists a good idea of ​​what to expect. expectation.

Professor Davis said that the maths shows that it looks like a sunbed, a disc hidden by light.

"That perfect circle comes from a bent through the thick of the black hole," she said.

"The light route is curved and goes round and then comes against us, making a ring around that dark disc."

It could also be somewhat lopsided.

“If the black hole is spinning, and the gas around the spinning, it is to be clearer on one side than it is on the other,” she said.

Our photojournalists may not be photographing their black black images from the Interstellar film far away, Professor Davis said.

“That's the kind of thing we expect to see,” she said.

"The image of the black hole they made – they used the great computers from Movie World to make scientific symbols, which is absolutely true. So one of the most noteworthy symbols of its time ever made. T a true black hole would appear. "

But don't expect that difficult situation. Even closer to the two black holes, at the heart of our own journey, there is nothing in the air.

It is thought that spoons are 17 times the size of our Sun, but because it is half of the galaxy, its size is like a CD sitting on it. the Moon.

What does this mean?

That is going to the heart of the night, at least for some seers.

The nearby circumstances are the size of a massive black hole that they pre-empt Einstein's theory of universal friendship.

That theory says that gravity affects clothes of time and time – and gravity doesn't come much stronger than this. So the predictions that are expected are something we have never seen before.

"It would be great surprise if there were no standard predictions about what we expect to be right, but that is why we are looking – because the interesting interesting facts come from the dramatic things. things that we don't know were Professor Davis.

"If we get something amazing, it might help to identify the ideas you might want to improve on our current thinking."

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