Brenda Asnicar, the new Gilda: "This is the biggest challenge in my position" – 12/12/2018

Representatives' first contact Gilda, the series le Brenda Asnicar It was through Skype. The address of Avila's Benjamín, a director of her & her sister; project, with her actress, who had been in & # 39; lived in Colombia for years.

He told his opinion and what he was looking for the new version of the popular singer. She was more interested in her, and she told him about her fascinating by the tropical singer and made her sure for being able to interpret, he would like to achieve a dream.

Director Girlfriends (2012) was very pleased with that initial communication, but Brenda, just on her; cut communication, feeling that it was not clear that it was a real interest in the & # 39; paper. That's why he gave his guitar, review the words and recorded a draft of the subject You went, He was sent out to Avila soon.

Avila saw his desire, his dedication to his work and talent, and got that She was the one who played Miriam Alejandra Bianchi. Something that was later reinforced when Brenda traveled to Buenos Aires, the long-featured scenes that had been included were shown by the singer and began to show scenes do.

"After that work, they gave me flowers flowers that seemed to be the one I was chosen. I can not believe it, since it was always a dream to be at # 39; playing Gilda. Indeed, my music inspired me to do what I do, "said Brenda.

Interview with Brenda Asnicar, leading artist in the future

Interview with Brenda Asnicar, star on "Gilda, The Series". Photograph: David Fernández

Thursday 6, which was before Duckling Hedgehog he sang chapeling too I do not lament this love in the series showcase (which begins filming in February 2019), where Benjamin Avila and Guillermo Pino, from Room 1520 together, were the only film producer Gilda, I do not lament this love (by Lorena Muñoz, 2016), by Natalia Oreiro.

"The series is very good, now I speak as a simple follower, everything is about Gilda's love. And who is explaining, he is an actor who has everything necessary, rough, talent and heart, something fundamental in this story ", heard telling the Uruguayan actress in his & her; video in which she is symbolically passing her & # 39; mail to Brenda.

-Do you talk to Natalia Oreiro?

-Nà, I did not know. And, I met her long ago when she came to take part Duckling Hedgehog And he fell awesome. I loved the film, it's fine, it's an Argentinian cinema. With his video he gave me the step and left me a tall stick, so it'll be up for me to go to; stay up to the conditions.

At the height of the situation. That's how Brenda Asnicar wants to be in the Gilda series. Photograph: David Fernández.

At the height of the situation. That's how Brenda Asnicar wants to be in the Gilda series. Photograph: David Fernández.

– Are you scared about future comparisons?

– There is always a criticism. But focusing on these things is not good. Also, I'm not scared, because I'm scared I can not do anything of what I am doing; do. For what Gilda means for the people and for the work of Natalia. It is a mistake that is linked in fear. For me, it's a huge challenge. Of course, I have the biggest challenge in my position. For what Gilda is and for what it means to be & # 39; representing someone there.

-There to stay outside, and to work in international representations, do you; Thinking that contributes to this story to raise interest outside Argentina?

-I sure that's not. I'm also feeling that Gilda has already spent a lot of borders. The most beautiful thing in this story is like a person. It is important to tell what this woman did. She came to the heart of the people for herself, doing very criminal things for that time. The truth is that he is a garden teacher and gets into the world of the palaces, which is always man-made, as a whole to accomplish his dream of being able to sing. It is very valuable to give the message to the new generations of the very strong women.

Brenda Asnicar's transformation to interpret Gilda.

Brenda Asnicar's transformation to interpret Gilda.

-What do you think the biopic is about singers or idols that are so fond of today's esteem?

-I am going to do to the change of generation that we are doing; get, with the need to tell young people that people were. I'm very proud to tell the story of this one that was so good. I do not think this is & # 39; From the fashion side of biopics making, we can not be able to; influencing this world on this story.

– Did you find a project from this style to return to Argentina?

– I never stopped doing legs. And, I refused a number of job offers that did not really do to my artistic research. That allowed me to play music. The actors must be accustomed to the fact that it is very difficult to sometimes give what you want. As one does not create its objects, there is a man who; waiting to be cited. I stopped waiting for them to & # 39; Call me and I started to play my music. And suddenly this opportunity was revealed, it was amazing.

Music, his life in Colombia and the different facts

For a period of five years Brenda Asnicar was sent into Colombia. Until then, he traveled for the hunting of the row Cumbia Ninja (2013) and fell in love with Alejandro De Angulo, who married him in 2017. "I'm back there, I made a lot of friends, but I also come and go okay, "he said.

He has now visited for the series, but also for The recording of the record that celebrates his story as a singer. "It's already ready, I always wanted to make music, the first song came out and soon came out Treasure, which is a lovely theme. It is very difficult to explain the genre of music, since it is very folding ".

– There is no reggaeton?

-No! I get to & # 39; Feeling that a person does not remember the reggaetones in a few years. Reggaetón will make people a & n; dance, that's good, but the words are not quite useful for their societies. I do not like that women are in love; come true. There are things that encourage it and things that make it out, I would like to be part of the group of emerging artists who have something to say.

-Lise, there is a talk about whether your companion is a millions of people, who are overwhelmed, do you think of bad things in the environment … Do you worry about that?

No, I understand that it is normal. I also understand that I'm not happy to talk about my private life. Not because I want to hide it, but the problems I'm going to hide; Talk to the psychologist or my friends. Certainly about my husband, he is a loving friend and a million in friends. And for my health, I always appreciate that you are worried. But I'm good. I do not worry about clarifying things, but it's also a Non-interviews streamline but when something is bad, because one artist and strive for a number of projects. I like to talk about these things when something is said. If I do not feel that I do not have a & # 39; put at all.

How is the series about Gilda's life?

There will be 13 programs on the new biopic about your favorite singer, who will be with Avila Youngest child. Brenda Asnicar will be the leading artist Gilda, the series which has the subtitles "Amar and miracle".

There are two other actresses that Miriam Alejandra Bianchi plays in youth and childhood. Brenda will take up his career since 18 years from the singer, until his death in 1996, due to a car accident.

Brenda Asnicar, the new Gilda.

Brenda Asnicar, the new Gilda.

Unlike the movie, the story will only be told from Gilda's vision, but also a dance world in the 90's and its characters, with special licenses required for fiction. It will also stress the struggle for "a woman in the world of humans," as Avila said.

Telefe and Netflix as partners are capable of broadcasting, but from Room 1520 they say that nothing is closed and still has a different tender assessment. In addition to the contracts, filming will begin in February or March 2019 and will be distributed for the second half of the next year. At present they are fully tidy to fill the rest of the throw.

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