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Buffarini shot rabona, he made all San Lorenzo angry and finished trying for pardon – 03/10/2019

"I think the rabbit was over, I think I was wrong, that's your way, you have to learn the mistakes," he mourned Julio Buffarini, manager is one of the worst times of Boca to win San Lorenzo 3-0 at Bombonera. The apologies were too late. But the soldiers were burned too quickly. It was not an unnecessary luxury. , how the defenders were known, but sometimes the football codes become extremely responsive.

What happened? Four minutes from the end of his game, with the result of his hunting, Buffarini took the ball close to the area and replaced the reliability that was considered Claudio Borghi in his times as a player.

The ball returned, after refusing, back to the legs of the stream, that at that time already BBC Guide, The Víctor Salazar and Gonzalo Castellani. A war that has not reached a destination and disturbing her & her; mostly for Buffarini. And to set the principle of battle.

Facundo Tello, game conciliator, decided that everything had come from Rabbbi Buffalini. And he showed him the yellow card. Something new.

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The tension did not mean. Nicolás Blandi, a Captain of the San Lorenzo is unprofitable – he continues in the board of the Super League – he did not stop his opinion. At the hand, Ariel Rojas He wanted to make justice with his own friend and he also saw the yellow one.

"I was a bit bitter about that game, I dropped myself because I had a good game and I feel better and better, it was not necessary, I am going to against my colleagues and San Lorenzo fans. "Buffarini warned in the studio rooms, trying to play down the play.

Eye Rabbi just the eel that made the glass of a series over, as little as it was, was in a very professional environment such as football.

Buffarini in San Lorenzo's fans of his preliminary fights hit Argentina, after going through San Pablo, and chose Boca without the unsuccessful attempts of his' rotary to bring it back.

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Chordovan, 30, had a good step at Boedo club. In four seasons one of the key elements of the title in the first 2013 and the coronation in the Copa Libertadores in 2014, first and only in the history of San Lorenzo.


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