Camps in Red Dead Online: how to navigate your attack, how to move them and much more

An Camps in Red Dead Online They are a very important place where you can stand up the character or the group as well as a series of benefits and vital improvements to move safely around the game.

As it happens in the hill for a player Dead Dead Solution 2there Distribution We also have a camp at the beginning of their revenge. This Red Dead Redemption 2 camp of this method is different from the story of a story story and you need to know these differences to take advantage of.

Among other things we will teach you How to move camps in Red Dead Online, how to develop them and what you can do in each of them. With all that is clear you can get big prizes during the journey.

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Camps in Red Dead Online: how to navigate your attack, how to move them and much more

Size to camp

There are two types of camps according to size, small and large. The small camps provide us with up to four players with a daily fee of 1 year. Compared to this, large camps have a double dollar daily charge and give seven players a chance to access them; the highest.

Improvements will be set out in the camp

To do this we need to find the character Cripps in each camp, although we need to invest some of our money.

Camp in Red Dead Online

Among other things, we can improve the country's resources that will help strengthen the novels' renewal when we enter the free mode. These developments are all linked to their character range:

  • Class 1: núuclean net 15% when you enter the free method and the air aisles are 25% faster when they rest after the camp
  • Class 15: núuclean net with 25% when you come into the free mode and these neucles will revive 50% faster when they rest in the & # 39; camp
  • Rang 22: the hosts are filled 35% when they are entered into the free mode and 75% faster in the camp
  • Rang 36: nunnel volumes at 45% when they are entered into free mode and 100% at their camp
  • Class 49 of the guitars are 55% filled when they are submitted free of charge and 125% in the camp
  • Class 55: the hosts are filled 65% when they are entered into the free mode and at least 150% camp
  • The 64-inch range of recesses is 75% when they come into free mode and 175% at a camp

It is also possible to erase the rapid spell out of the camp, but for this you must achieve the situation reaching a level 65 or paying 112 gold numbers.

Welcome to the safe

In the camp you will be safe to find packages with the supplies you bought. So, do not forget to check this security at the campus site to provide all packages with supplies you purchased in a catalog of a & game.

Camp in Red Dead Online


You can also access their clothing shop, where you have the opportunity to change the appearance of your & # 39; A character that changes lively sides such as shirt, pants, boots or even the ad.

As you move camp and what places do you

If you pay an economic sum, you can move the camp to other areas strategically. To do this, go to the camp menu to select the appropriate places. These are the areas in which you can move the camp:

  • Grizzlies
  • Bayou Nwa
  • Glenmore
  • Cholla Springs
  • Cumberland Forest
  • Druim Gaptooth
  • Large Plains
  • Distribution
  • Henning's Stead
  • Rio Bravo
  • Roanoke Ridge
  • Distribution
  • Find a place

How to invade the camp

The white flag system in the game will protect you from attacking other users while longing; you are at camp. For this you need to raise the white flag. The banner of the other color is just a style.

Camp in Red Dead Online

With everything above you know How to develop the camp in Red Dead Online, how it moves and benefits from the improvements.

As well as communicating with ours Anailis RDR2 To find out more about the title, you can find lots of things about our game Red Dead Redemption Management 2, The full of games and tips that will be very helpful in sections such as the ones that will appear next.

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