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Central Learning Center aims to have a & # 39; win after eight games – Télam

Central Rosario, who has a final of Argentine Cup is the head and his head; Some preliminary players, currently receiving 21.15 at the Giant of Arroyito, who have been awarded, attracted to the Visit to Defense and Justice visit.

Pablo Echavarría will refer to her & # 39; game for the 13th League Super League.

The technical director "scoundrel", Edgardo Bauza, will retain its & # 39; Matías Caruzzo and the producer Fernando Zampedri, are injured, and he certainly doubts what to do. including Chilean Alfonso Parot, back from even uncomfortable with Elías Gómez to the final of Argentiniana Chupa on December 6, winner of River and Gymnastics.

At the same time, Néstor Ortigoza's mid player did not play either because he was arrested after being convicted in 2 to 1 against the opposition against Atlético Tucumán, and instead of Pedro Ojeda middle school garden.

Central is 19, with 12 points, and eight games back it does not; winning in the Super League, where he attempts to return to the impact of his people, with a team made of a mix of beginners and settlers, and the Colombian defender will return the heads and the destroyer Marco Ruben, both found by separate teens.

According to the Spanish singer "Leandro Benítez", who will not have two experienced players, Rodrigo Braña's mid-player and Mariano Pavone striker, off the 65 minute finish the target in a visit against Defense and Justice, in Florencio Varela.

The central Franco Sivetti youth park would be the "Chapu" Braña, and the "Gata" Fernandez or Francisco Apaolaza would be young. go into the "Tank" Park.

= Formal formats =

Central Rosario: Jeremiah Ledesma; Gonzalo Bettini, Marcelo Ortiz, Oscar Cabezas and Alfonso Parot no Elías Gómez; Washington Camacho, Pedro Ojeda, Leonardo Gil and Federico Carrizo; Maximiliano Lovera and Marco Ruben. DT: Edgardo Bauza.

Students: Mariano Andújar; Facundo Sánchez, Jonatan Schunke, Fabián Noguera and Fernando Evangelista; Nahuel Estévez, Iván Gómez, Franco Sivetti and Lucas Rodríguez; Matías Pellegrini and Gastón Fernández no Francisco Apaolaza. DT: Leandro Benítez.

Is settled: Pablo Echavarría
Stadium: Arroyito giant.
Hour / time / time /: 21.15

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