Cesario said he left the emergency without recipes since the last

As part of the end of year's food for ABA, Cesario emphasized the "sad" year of Argentina's economy as a result of three factors: the thirst, the pace in the US and the trade war with China , and of the notebooks in an Array. And he studied his & # 39; "Right Storm" He left two agreements with the IMF and with three leaders in the Central Bank.

That ABA owner built "The first result of the planet's nullity plan and the imposition of financial policy" with Minister of Economics, Nicolás Dujovne, and president of the BCRA, Guido Sandleris. "We can say that we went through the crisis, but we needed to visit international aid to address the disadvantages and change policies to reinforce the main economic changes," he said.

In order to account for the bank year, Cesario noted that the first challenge of the year was to challenge the demand for beliefs, both commercial and consumer "and that second half of the contractual currency policy" decreased the application rhythm for credit ".

Your Chesario is the "shocks" economic in 2018 "They were a good test for the system." "The good news is that the financial system was strong, sound and energy but, above, he was confident that he was trustworthy. He respected each of his promises," he examined.

Those who attended the cocktail were attached to the financial system agreed to a decision to & # 39; Central Bank to eliminate a floor of 60% for the level, and there was also a consensus on & # 39; It is expected that inflation will also reduce the impact that is also down. "As well as falling down, it is important that the reasonable and positive level, that is, 5 or 7 points are more than inflation to boost money," said a chief executive banking.

"What Central is" doing what is necessary, many roads are not left "said another. Most of the people present expressed their confidence that the economic variables will show them; going on to begin the growth "between March and April".

In terms of the growth, Cesario spoke in a polling key and kept it "The government and finally who can do, must be clear that the way forward must be consistent with the changes implemented if we want to grow and develop in a sustainable way". He also asked for "remit" of political parties to Creating expectations even in the election year for the growth of the economy.

Said ABA leader "The challenge of the financial system is to be done" and said "reconstructing a capital market." "The deposits will come if we all work for that. And that leaves a vital role for the Government, the challenge and, as I said, to all sectors of the economy. I have already heard it is important to be recited, the solution is not to ask or donate subsidies among the different private actors of the economy, which & # 39; expressing the effective sections for the benefit of the ineffective, "said Cesario.

In this regard, he convinced that "the competitive debate can not be ignored that most of the tax is not affecting the majority. It causes many departments to lose opportunities, living out of your market and creating any formal jobs. The tax weight of 38% is emotional or emotional; prevent any investment opportunity. "

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