Chairman not resident Marino left away …

Although it seemed like administrative procedures, the briefing session in which the Senate was to confirm its authorities became the chief of the governing party. We will change to accommodate all the situation in the tall house because of the fact that, The radicalism left for his first post-president after the Pampas Juan Carlos Marino had gone back. The reason why the complaint was about genetic harassment that is a? facing the face. At the same time, Federico Pinedo was reinforced as a temporary president as well as Prof. Omar Perotti (second deputy head) and María Inés Pilatti Vergara as an assistant third.

If the Marino was a boss, for the same time as was cleared between macris and radicals, the governing party also suffered from the strong speeches of the FpV-PJ members, – Cristina Kirchner, when they were; Demonstrates cases of close opposition to the national government for the persecution of the challenging leaders. (see separate note)

A & # 39; The first former vice president is the only question of the day. The radical pampa said he had support for his blockage and the unbelief of the macrismo that he had kept on how well he was. And it was a "question of radiation" that was quested with a genuine complaint about genuine abuse.

The Peronist's leaders sing, and # 39; warned Miguel Pichetto (Execution Army) and Marcelo Fuentes (FpV-PJ) at the Labor Party meeting that the women who stood silent would not have been Marino reinforced.

Then Marino herself was at a time; Distribution of a letter sent to the president of the Asset, Gabriela Michetti, in which he thought it was "handsome not to accept the name they are giving to honored me again "and thanked" the support case of the Interblock representatives We have changed my person by maintaining my application as the first Deputy Chief of the -Seanaidh. "In the letter, Pampean described the lawsuit:" I am a democracy and I respect the power department, so I changed correctly from first and I will try and I will respect the legal result, not I'm doubtful, I will prove my innocent. "What he did then again next to the parliamentary journalists at the end of the session.

The radical minds are not the best with their partners of Cambiemos. Many say Mauricio Macri has put a thumb on Marino but not because of his legal complaint but because of his political situation. "They do not give forgiveness to La Pampa," said pre-consultees / 12 of the radical block, and # 39; refers to Cambiemos where the UCR affected the president's president: Macrista, Carlos Mac Allister.

The other argument they feel is that it's near Marino; to Enrique "Coti" Nosiglia, and they say that the main operator for Martin Lousteau has been to compete in Macri for the president's appeal. For now he does not know what his name is. The radicals are explained in the coming days because they have made sure that this place is for one of their team members.

In any case, Marino will continue as one of the strong men in the Assembly. The pampas will manage the Library; Transport but above all who are buying over a & # 39; Bicameral Commission for Business Studies and Information Actions. The latter must investigate the presence of informed delegates named in the case for a & # 39; Opposition of Lawyer Marcelo D 'Alessio's fictional lawyer and agent of Carlos Stornelli.

– Did you refer to Alejo Ramos Padilla to the Bicameral? Page to ask / 12.

-I'll ask me on her & # 39; judge to express all the proceedings. I did that before legislators asked the FpV-PJ a note for me (asking the judge to be called bicameral). I do it The Commission is scheduled for March 14, Marino said.

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