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Check the & # 39; Steam-Powered Probe & # 39; who could investigate a place forever

Water, Water in each place

A rocket that does not run out of its & # 39; fuel ready to refurbish space research.

Its name is World Is Not enough (WINE), and instead of being & # 39; using fuel to move power to move, the craft produces water from the place; at the moment and turned into steam – and is used to spread it to a new destination, as something forgotten by the novel of Jules Verne.

"We may use this technology to give hope to the moon, Ceres, Europe, Titan, Pluto, Mercury poles, asteroids – where there is water and pollution quite low, "said Phil Metzger, Florida University researcher. South Westerly


The creation of a WINE prototype was a collaborative effort.

NASA funded the project. Bumblebees have been built with a prototype of the steam spacecraft, which is just the size of a microwave, with the help of researchers at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Metzger was a computing model and symbols necessary for the craft, and when he came to test a WINE, UCF gave asteroid material to his / her; Replication for his / her craft to a mine.

A film of a successful exhibition of WINE, which was then distributed through Twitter.

"It's really," said Metzger about the demo. "WINE pushed forward the ground successfully, made a rock appliance, and launched it on a jet steam that was removed from the chimney."

Latest Research Tool

As we have examined the solar system, we found plenty of water – it's on Moon, on other planets, and even on asteroids. As long as the b & # 39; We can provide a fuel for a Craft-like trade to one of these, a solar sun panel would be able to empower the mineral processes and create a steam necessary to move.

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