China launched its first ship to monitor the dark side; moonlight – 07/12/2018

China's advanced growth program launched the Friday probe "Chang 4" with whom he aims to be na The first country has a & # 39; coming ashore on the dark side of his moon. The ship, named after a mythical baby of the Moon, was inserted into space space Xichang, in the west of the country.

The probe will come in about two weeks in the ocean Aitken, at the southern pole of the natural satellite, where it produces images of surface and soil samples.

The explorer is equipped with low average radio spectrum to help scientists understand how the first stars were introduced and how cosmos came from darkness after the Big Bang . "

The probe too net sewing full seeds of potato and arabidopsis, a small lushwort associated with cabbage and mustard. Scientists will try to grow plants on their; moon.

The biggest challenge is to establish a hidden face dialogue with & # 39; Moon, which is never seen from Earth and is not easy to give by just a sign, explained the scientific director of Chinese Lunar Program, Professor Ouyang Ziyuan. "We will be deaf and blind"he said.

Successfully succesfully succeeds, China is the first country to be; going on the hidden Earth satellite side.

In May, China launched the "Queqiao" satellite, which aims to draw information between Earth and "Chang 4".

Although other countries are reducing their space programs, China is China aspirations in this area, including to & # 39; Getting their own room station ready in 2022, arriving ashore by rover on Mars in 2020 and, committed to Jupiter in 2029.

The Asian giant also wants to continue to explore & # 39; moonlight and the next year could make a resolution to bring white stones to the Earth. According to Beijing's plans, in 2030 its Chinese first plant will land on the satellite.

The United States added 12 astronomers to the moon between 1969 and 1972. The Soviet probe "Luna 24" came to the satellite in 1976 and 37 years later the Chinese Chang "3" came.

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