China Suarez responded to criticize its appearance – 08/12/2018

There is a certification of the accumulation of celebrities of regular social networks, some are not seen and others are experiencing; decision to stand up and respond. This is the case at a & # 39; Eugenia actress "Sìne" Suárez (26), in the hourshare and videos that showed a dumb and amazing vision that was not quite good. welcomed by his followers, and was not quiet.

His actress was called Thirteen to be part of a new fiction that Pol-ka will prepare for 2019, where she will go to; plays Raquel, a young Polish girl who ends in a trading network when she arrives in Argentina in the 1930s. To begin the creation of this character, Vicuña Benjamine (40) was the partner in the hairdresser and made an amazing look at changing.

She put her hair away, she left her shoes and showed a great deal in their social networks and, as of course, she had no idea of ​​her & her new ideas. 39; come long.


Eugenia "Shona" Suarez and her amazing vision.


Eugenia "Sìne" Suárez showed a new and controversial perspective on social networks.


Eugenia "Jane" Suárez explained his radical change on social networks.

Thousands of the most popular ideas enjoyed by Suarez's beauty, others; Praising her closely, it was astonishingly surprising that this radical change was going to do its place in this new fiction, criticizes the intervention of Eyebrows: "Everything always looks good at her, but the eyes do not like them and less when you're natural," said follower Eugenia replied: "Guys, I'm an actress. My job is to love the characters, my goal is to be ready for myself, it's not very cute ".

In the Super Pol-ka production that will be released first in El Trece in 2019, Suárez will have great views. Vicuña Youngest child, (a companion and his daughter Magnolia's daughter), Gonzalo Heredia, Albert Baró (Joan play in the Merlí series). The story was written by Carolina Aguirre and Leandro Calderone, and will be directed by Sebastián Pivotto and Martín Sabán and is one of their favorite films.

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