China was sorry to have been defending Juan Darthés: "I want heart forgiveness"


At that time, when Calu Rivero said that Juan Darthés was a harassment, some people were in the middle, both men and women, who came out to defend the actor.

It is like that China Suárez, who is today, is in line with new and bad success against the old builder Simona, she regretted.

"Not only did I remember what I said a few years ago, but I also want a heart forgiveness to justify the passive just because of it; I loved it & # 39;. We all need to learn and kill the male we carry in once and for everyone, "said the actress.

It is worth remembering that at that time Vicuña Benjamín was currently saying that "Juan one of my dear partners "and that is" a gentleman "and" there are so many kinds ", among other things.

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