China will be removed for its & # 39; moon, with politics surrounded at home

Early on Saturday morning, China launched Space Chang Chang 4 on a course for its moonlight. If everything goes well, this is the first spacecraft in history to make a soft ground on the other side of the page; Moonlight, maybe early in January. This would be a good achievement for China and for the space of spacecraft. But China looks great to discuss it.

For one time, it does not pay for China to mark its strength for a civil recreation space.

China is always a bit low in considering its & # 39; her room program, but sometimes he will pull out the stops for advanced missions. When astronauts are launched on the Shenzhou spacecraft, or they will notify their moon, China will including world media broadcasting through their own channels.

China has been scratching on media broadcast on recent fragile topics, including space phones, as a result of deeper government policies. But even so, the broadcast on the Chang Chang 4 has been quite quiet.

In order to be fair, China published the service launched through Xinhua shortly after. But the unique web trays did not appear and the multi-media coverage China has put on for the confidence of other places ever. No television broadcast was on display. It was clear that visibility in the days that went up to the service was launched. CGTN, a Chinese international television network, a cover of other events was well ahead of the Moon mission.

Chang 4 has been able to create a huge and respected interest for China, and China has been able to create a great deal of interest. Her space program was used as a soft power engine for years. Why, then, is the cover so tight this time?

The purpose is very good, but the time is inconvenient. China is currently delivering a series of global global economic and economic challenges for months. The most prominent of the warlike war are to America. But China is also involved in disputes about intellectual property and scientist handling. These reasons are all applied to the spaceflight, which is a clear indication of nationality in science, technology, industry and economic strength.

For one time, it does not pay for China to mark its strength for a civil recreation space. Sailing of satellite lines is even tight, but that's true for any country. There should be a focus where no spaceship has gone before. But actions in the area are always determined by actions on Earth.

Morris Jones

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