Chinese scientist who says that a genius & cabinets & # 39; edited by their peers and medical experts


November 27, 2018 08:11:44

A Chinese university says that it will launch a search after a video-related video tutor on YouTube has claimed that they have considered a twin generator earlier on; this month and to protect the ethos of his work.

Main points:

  • Jiankui says that he was able to be copied and transferred over uncertain genes
  • Scientists say it's a "big blow" to a Chinese science reputation
  • Much of the truth about Mr He says

The University of Science and Technology in the Chinese city of Shenzhen said he did not know the research project and that the educator, He Jiankui, had been unpaid since February.

The work is "a serious adverse effect on academic academic habits," he said.

The university published a recital after Mr He said in five videos posted on the Monday video sharing website, he used a generation technology called CRISPR-Cas9 to create gossip of bilingual girls prepared.

The editorial process, which he wants gene surgery, "works safely as expected" and the girls are "as healthy as any other children", he says in one video.

It was impossible to prove the bids as Mr did not give written documents of his inquiry.

Test & Monstrous Test & # 39;

CRISPR-Cas9 is a technology that allows DNA scientists to be cut and discarded basically, raising the expectation of genetic arrangements for disease. However, there are also concerns about its safety and its habits.

"If so, these tests are amazing," said Julian Savulescu, director of the Oxford Uehiro Center for Practical Studies at Oxford University.

The University of Science and Technology of Technology said he would be an independent committee of experts for research. He said that Mr had paid unpaid leave until 2021.

"The University of Science and South Technology is essential to need scientific research to comply with national laws and regulations and respect respect and international academic standards. national, "he said.

Mr praised his work and said that he had been on a voluntary license for several years to focus his research.

"I understand that my work is controversial, but I believe families need this technology. And I'm willing to criticize them," he said.

Earlier e-mail, Mr He said he intended to share data about the test at the scientific forum this week.

He said he hoped he would also "go through the peer-reviewed review process, and print it out".

Priority is the publication of the results before the research is published in a magazine reviewed by peers.

"These healthy babies are used as genetic gig pigs. This is a genuine Russian Reel," Mr Savulescu.

Mr He said that he was aiming to provide "lifetime" protection to HIV gene infants, the virus that causes AIDS.

He said he started work in the second half of 2017 and put eight pairs into action. All of the changes that could be HIV-positive were involved.

Walks five recreations, including the parents of the black girls, who were only marked by the names of Mark and Grace.

In April 2015, scientists at Sun Yat-sen University began global controversy following the preparation of CRISPR-Cas9 test results for the production of non-human humanitarian genes.

Chinese scientists who tested at exams

Mr He also raised the confidence amongst his peers at home as well as those abroad.

In an open letter published on the Weibo Zhishifenzi account (The Intellectuals), a group of 122 biological scientists spoke about her; It was a threat to people and his / her; impact on the reputation of Chinese scientists.

"The biological medical examination of this study was by name," read the letter.

"Human exams just [without ethical assessment] It can only be said as foolish.

"The technology accuracy of the generation of CRISPR generations and its adverse effects on firefight is very controversial in the science community.

"There is a huge risk to any change to transform human embryos and to bring babies.

"At the same time, this is a huge blow to the global development and development of Chinese science, especially in a range of biological research."

Editing human genealogy comes from eugenics

In a previous century, science science in the west of Scotland had been attacking its & # 39; different humanities – a range of surveys aimed at improving "human determination" by breeding and generating; abolishing people who were considered "defective".

More often than that, it was considered that those with a white European heritage at the top of the order of social sin, and those with "small IQs and small ones" were placed as "incompatible" members of the generational tree.

Before he dropped out, the field was built by a number of scientists and political leaders in the United States and Germany, Breeding conditions for Ku-Klux-Klan in America and the Third Reich in the 1930s.

This credit system also made its way to Australia, with Melbourne at the heart of its & movement.





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