Co-operative trout and even evangelical church appear in the new cash route K – 10/12/2018


In the new cash route K discovered as a source of public guidance for the favor of Lázaro Báez, show some of the only funding, trout co-operatives and even an evangelical church that was explored in Skanska, Ciccone and Cerro Dragón cases, among others.

In a request from the procurator Gerardo Pollicita to criticize Ercolini to & # 39; Investigating the financial Ernesto Clarens and the Gotti brothers, among other defenders, a $ 160 million glacier was found. In the opposition against Báez for the K route through "La Rosadita" a search was found on a 60 million glue of another dollar.

In this new case financial funding has been made through well-known financial money Invernes led by the financialist K Ernesto Clarens, processed as a purpose of the books of notices of scripts. Then Invernes was bought directly with the Baez environment.

The scheme was completed, between 2003 and 2010, through the Gotti and Gancedo construction companies, which were also managed by Báez. Initially, the companies built the collection of the surveys that the government gave them for work progress certificates in Santa Cruz to Invernes. Then Invernes changed over 5,000 tests in these financial bonds and co-operation for money and not to pay; fee. .

The checks, for a majority, were paid by "Non-existing services" who also appeared in trout bills. The current person at INAES, Marcelo Collomb, started in 2015 to take off the competitors program, and Printed by Claricred and Credisol treated by Clarens.

The demand of the procurator is based, among other evidence, on a letter from the AFIP, which is handled by Leandro Cuccioli, prepared by Inspector Jaime Mecikovsky and branch branch of Chomodoro Rivadavia. The AFIP provided data from the surveys and providers that have been said to get these amazing links.

Gotti and Gancedo, who were under the control of Lázaro Báez, monopolize the public work in Santa Cruz, the moving bridge societies.

As a result of the case, an expert engineer who did not accept Gotti's invoices was "sufficient to be considered as legitimate or the suppliers, or goods, or services, or the amount of liabilities that were recorded ".

In the AFIP report it has been reported that they have been found More than 100 truffle providers of Gotti and that the partners are irregular, Evangelical Church and FONFIPRO (Provincial Property in the Formosa continent) manage nearly 65% ​​of the investments. The FONFIPRO was the channel through which Formosa's Governor Gildo Insfrán paid 2 million dollars to the ghost company The Old Fund, the only one who used the former Vice President, 39; Previously, Amado Boudou was to buy Ciccone illegally.

"In the GOTTI SA payments that are protected theoretically to the payment of their suppliers by INVERNES SA, it is determined in the practical surveys that they were largely driven by almost 85% of the amounts it was dismissed on behalf of fraudulent providers or so accepted and the deposit was in units in which, for different reasons, it was Currently impossible to control how easy the operation is and there was nothing to do with the work, geographical area or the development of the work of GOTTI SA, "the AFIP report identifies.

And so he used the structure of the The Third Millennium United States Assistants, Fonfipro, Global Equity, Stock Exchange and Facimex (the latter also involved in money K), Betina Church Cristina Evangelical Pentecostal San Miguel, among twenty other companies.

"INVERNES was negotiated for GOTTI SA most based on the use of its MACRO BANSUD Bank account and was required to review its cash clearance system and authorities should impede money to make money on different reports of suspicious persons. Clearing money through this work, considering the amounts, the lack of relationships between the recipients with the original financial activity and the permanent conclusions ", a & # 39; confirm the AFIP report.

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