Confirmations that the CTEP campaigner died from the back perspective

The CTEP soldier, Rodolfo Orellana, was murdered in an attempt to kill land in Ciudad Evita, a Buenos Aires party in La Matanza, in the back. So reinforced today by Buenos Aires lawyer, Julio Conte Grand, and Minister of Security, Cristian Ritondo.

Orellana, 36, was killed yesterday about 6m at the building on Route 4 and Riccheri Highway, in the western towns, in the middle of a fight between two groups who wanted to take the land. which is added to the intervention of the security forces.

"We have a beginner autopsy that proves that the fire has gone into the blade, with a hole in the front, at the height of the nose," defined by the procurator in conversation with C5N.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires had said that Orellana had died as a cause of repulsion. According to the report of professionals who investigated their hospital in the hospital, the victim suffered no induction route or a hole in a shotgun. There was evidence that he had two wounds: one surface of his shoulder and another on his head, generated by a sharp thing.

The idea that was handled yesterday in La Plata was that Orellana died in a fight between two groups that had been killed; Against the morning the ground raised.

Julio Conte Grand.

However, both Conte Grand and Ritondo today have focused on the autopsy that their death was caused by the bullet impact behind Orellana.

The procurator said that it was not possible to determine what kind of weapon was there; used in the attack from "the provost did not stay in a physical wheel and prove it difficult to prove".

However, clarification, the forensics will work on the ultimate autopsy to draw a picture on the army "depending on the diameter of the entry and the holes left and the interior work inside the face."

Conte Grand also said that interventions have been given to Business Within the Buenos Aires department to list a list of Buenos Aires police officers who have been awarded for the preservation of the building and that had weapons, and money from the close proximity to the incident, they went to "at least two patrol cars" to the place.

"In principle, it will prove that all the soldiers were in place to ensure the safety of the image and the tests that were possible, and the behavior of rubber bullets, but when the situation was set Out, the fortifications began to appear and we needed to carry the weapons to prove them "Onwards

At the same time, Ritondo said, if he had shown that police had some responsibilities in the death of Orellana "they will be allowed."

The minister reported that the first information received after the incident as reported by the hospital where Orellana arrived in the hospital's bad damage, which was subsequently rejected by the result beginner of the autopsy.

Ritondo said that there are two opinions of the truth: first, the shot was burned when the relationship between two divisions opposed the use and purchase of that land and, secondly, It was a bad bad police; there. "In the same sense we will cooperate so that we know the truth because the death of anyone in the continent of Buenos Aires is difficult," he said.

After the crime, members of social movements, human rights organizations and political leaders opposed the security forces and opposed the police attack.

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