Conmebol dreamed that the Intercontinental was brought back

Alejandro Dominguez, president of CONMEBOL, said that he was one of the lessons drawn from the great equality that he had; waiting in Madrid to the Copa Libertadores final to have a "dream" room on the relapse of the Intercontinental Cup that faced her; European warrior with South America

A few hours after a final meeting of the Libertadores, between the River and Boca, Paraguayan leader Efe was in the Madrid hotel where the South American Alliance set up its headquarters.

Dominguez has no doubt that "the behavior of tomorrow is good, whatever the product" and he says that he is the dream of having a & # 39; discovering a European-American invasion that gave big duels in the past.

"That game that has been played in a neutral place between South America and Europe is a dream of my dream and, if he has the chance to go, 39; which must be included, "he said.

This, in the opinion, would conclude the CONMEBOL decision, confirmed by FIFA, that the Copa América would be played alongside the European Championship.

"We're going to be in the same monthly calendar and in the same year we can play a South American concert and play a game here in Europe and then play in South America or one game in a neutral field. There are many things to recommend, encourage and find alternatives and it would be like the other World Cup, "he said.

What appears to be on the way is the old petition for the South American Consortium that a Spanish team is in a position; playing the Copa America, who has never submitted the North America and Central American teams or Qatar and Japan to the revision,

"Very unfortunate today, with this calendar of the League of Nations, there is no doubt to say that Spain is free or free to play Copa América and to limit that purpose, "he said. Efe.

With regard to the quest of a consensus to go to the 2022 World Cup in Catania, the extension to 48 elections, CONMEBOL's president is missing by saying that South American teams would increase the level of a & # 39; competition.

"As far as South America can put more teams into play, football and competition in the world will be better." Our proposal is to have more seats, as we did not; One Copa América campaigner can access the World Cup one point. and there were three other countries in the same contract, if resolved or not, it is stronger than the Infantile Gianni na na, us, "he said.

Likewise, he denies that the decision to complete his & # 39; border of the Copa Libertadores main division damaging the 2030 World Cup bid.

"This is a positive impact, there is a much greater opportunity, because one is learning from mistakes, it's better than all the mistakes to be beforehand & # 39; and not and I think this is unfortunately that there is no violence in something that is limited to South America. Everyone who see violence in Europe here , it's not something that is restricted to a continent or country Unfortunately, there is violence that attacks football all the time, everywhere, we have to continue continue to work on everything "

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