Córdoba: the boy killed himself in his dead Jockey house

A 13-year-old boy resides in hospital this Thursday with the death of a brain after seriously killed himself in his home. country of the Jockey Club when the army is treated, as stated by Justice.

The brother said

Burning occurred near Wednesday when the young man was moving a gun and, bloody, was burned, according to what the brother said (20).

After that, the boy, Taborin school student, was moved from block 36, a lot of 64, Jockey, to the private hospital, where he had entered.

"It's a brain dead, very bad, officially, they are not reinforced," he said. The Voice The procurator fiscal analyzes his & her; case, Rubén Caro.

"They have taken drugs to make more treatment more deeply, and will affect 20 hours a day," he explained, saying that the health box would not "be taken -where. "


The procurator said that specialized staff and Judicial Police were working at the time, and cell phones and computers were captured. In addition, a alcohol and the army was captured.

"We have not taken all the evidence to analyze and make decisions correctly," he said.

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