Cosmonauts to arm the army with knives and gear into Soyuz's soap capsule; find a hole



December 12, 2018 13:42:06

You must have regular hands when you carry around Earth at 27,000 kilometers per hour in a space yard; retaining a knife and cutting a hole in the outer Soyuz capsule.

Main points:

  • An unprecedented hole in the Soyuz capsule was discovered in August
  • It was stuffed with clothes and sealants
  • Cosmonauts wanted to check out their external handbags and return samples to Earth

Russian equipment Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev had not been locked up and tried to get back in, they did not. Look at the remains of a hole that could be banned in the capsule back in August.

In order to do so, they would have to be cut quickly into the heat shield outside their horizontal model and his / her; restored until the hole was hunted with epoxy from inside, while connected to the International Speech Station (ISS)

"I'm scared to have a cable cut. It should be a place here," Mr Kononenko said at the height of his work six times.

Be careful, control tells him confidence.

Back in August, the ISS had an air pressure and a 2-millimeter hole was found on the Ruy Soyuz capsule.

Astronauts did not know how the hole got there but fastened it with some clothes and epoxy relay.

And because this distinctive model of the scattered scatter and fired back to Earth, they wanted to explore their external repairs and thrush some of the he epic to return to Earth and examine.

So, the uncomfortable leaving place, one hour, where one cosmonaut tried to keep the shield back while the other was going on. cut and watch for the hole.

He gave a lot of gear. And I was unhappy at times.

The heat shield was in the way and Mr Prokopyev needed a long time while Mr. Kononenko had a long time. cut and spun through the material.

At 5 hours and 20 minutes they got it.

From that time they used to use the GoPro camera for a & # 39; filming the hole and chopped with the chips in their robbers because they are going to play it. Cut some of the relay into a bag and return to Earth.

Then the pair returned back inside the space station after checking out that they would not have to cover their manual with a thermal plaid.

The hole in the orbital module, also known as the residential model – was one of three modules on the Soyuz vehicle.

The rescue machines to Earth next week in the safe mode within their model are ready with their samples from the space space, and the other two modules will be separated and installed; fired up in the atmosphere.






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