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Cristina's Care Plan and the Cuban Plan: the K believes Florence could have a month of months living in Havana – 03/15/2019

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner ate to Cuba Republic in this early Thursday to join with her daughter Florencia in medical care in that country.

His report by his solicitors says to Judge, as Clarine said, that Néstor and Cristina's daughter is suffering from a disease called lymphedema, which means gathering water. lymphatic in the legs, which inhibit movement of members and its problems. displaced, as if it are usually able to board an airplane.

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But for the low level, in Kirchnerism they are already talking about how Cristina Kirchner is Florence rescued. This is what is worrying about the improvements in the reasons the young woman keeps up with justice., the old president's decision would have been his own daughter Living in Cuba.

Fernández de Kirchner is the grandfather and he is fulfilled the loyalty of all Peronism in the Senate before he was asked to do so legal from Judge Claudio Bonadio.

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His son, Máximo, is national deputy and counts there, also with defense and defense in the case of a warrant of arrest which was arrested. But Florence has no benefits and that appears the old president, even more than his own fortune.

So things, the young woman's health problems caused her to leave them inappropriate (or don't) of the "Cuba plan" t because he won't return to the country, until the result is known this year 's election of the committee, where all that demonstrate the fight for the jacket is Mauricio Macri -current president – and Cristina Kirchner, An Argentine producer from 2007 to 2015.

It was therefore of no surprise that there was a weight and degree of detail with the speaker of one of the west's authorized speakers speaking about Florence's health problems.

Eduardo Valdés, an old ambassador in Kirchner, spoke about the Vatican about him "Deep ration", anorexia "and" panic attacks ". To crown the story, Valdés said he saw Cristina "very sorry" when she was told on the last Sunday that painting Florencia was not "right". But Clarine later appeared that Kirchner, the lawyer, said Florencia is suffering from lymphedema to leave her and her mother – both t convicted of corruption– outside the country.

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When I knew the video where Fernandez de Kirchner was talking about his daughter and her decision to go to Cuba, Kirchner started studying how he could; the President will be there. decline was president of the Institute for Patria, and after his decision-making at the Institute of Patria.

However, in the past hours that species of energy have been lost: the former president – through his judging lawyers and those who carried out research in the information services that are loyal to her – remains without information. some of the investigations were in which his daughter was involved I was going to move.

Florencia is examined in two cases for being accused of being accused of being murdered by the Kirchner family (Hotesur and Los Sauces). stayed on $ 900 million.

It is also worth remembering, t the 4,464 million dollars found in a safe safe box in Banco Galiciathat a sum of millions of pounds could only be proven by delegation of that money to a mother.

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Everything that tells the first president that the best and best numbers are to be as a candidate in space K and the national Justicialist parties, Buenos Aires and several other areas.

The chance of Florence living in Cuba where she is. T there is no change with Argentina, assessed all week by CFK with full confidence, apologies in the data sent by the operator for reasons why the young filmmaker is very complex.


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