Debate "The challenges about vaccine in adults" by two experts


"The challenge in adults is to produce the culture of immunization that we have included in youth, that is in vaccine in all ages of life; they bring benefits at any age, not only in childhood, we must encourage the culture of this vaccine for patients and healthy people, "the protection of Dr. Arrazola.

An vaccine One of the most cost-effective measures to ensure that they become older are healthy, mentions this doctor.

"Money in vaccine It's not a cost, it's a & # 39; help to maintain the health system, but health policies sometimes require direct outputs and that's a vaccine is shown in the middle and long term, "said Dr. Esther Redondo.

"For primary care physicians, the challenge is that every time an adult communicates with the health system, they will think about their vaccine card , come to consultation on any reason it comes; you must have an interest in this booklet in association with nursing, "he said.

Esther Round will put the accent on training, educating and listening to her. turn the patient into an enemy, tell him about it vaccine what is in adults "to avoid risks, and very close and in contact with patient societies, which are facing health authorities."

2019 vaccine calendar

Doctors Pilar Arrazola (left) and Esther Redondo, during the debate "The challenges about vaccine in adults" / EFE / Javier Liaño

The calendar will be a unique vaccine for all ages agreed in mid-November by the end of the Interterritorial Health Council, which will begin to be implemented in 2019, which includes 10 vaccine Doctors who value it & # 39; vaccine for 14 diseases.

"Is this calendar a clear clear step? Yes. How good? Of course, we ask for one calendar to focus on an adult vaccine, such as a common axis from birth to death, I could describe some vaccine more, having more demand and ambition, "said Dr. Redondo.

Pilar Arrazola says that this calendar must be "landed" from the Independent Communities, and hopes that it will improve the fairness, close-linking and rationalization of the system.

"In calendar there are also left points open and there are differences that occur, no decision was made on the highest in vaccine for adults ", who put an exciting Head of Medicine on 12 October.

Dr. Pilar Arrazola during the debate / EFE / Javier Liaño

During debate, Redondo's ambitions: " vaccine They need to be part of a healthy lifestyle, how to eliminate smoking, eating healthy or eating; used. In addition, vaccine they are closely linked, because the benefit is for the person, but also for the family, their work, etc. "

Why immunization in adults does not work well with children, we will ask doctors.

"The people believe vaccine they do not belong to those who are very young, or those who are infected with influenza, or children in childbirths, but there is no awareness of the risk of disease. It is not considered that epoxy, asthma, diabetes or liver disease can increase the chance of & # 39; breeding some diseases that may be prevented by vaccination, "a round definition.

He says: "It is believed vaccine it is sent to childhood enough for their rest of life, and they do not know they need a continuous dose of memory. "

Dr. Esther Round during the debate "The challenges about vaccine in adults" / EFE / Javier Liaño

Pilar Arrazola completes these things: "Doctors who work with adults are not aware that there are pets. The whole vaccination attempt is to focus boys and girls, and not We see their ability for an adult vaccine. You need to abolish adults with their childhood experience. "

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