Depression and worry, the main causes of atopic dermatitis

Mexico (EFE) .- After atopic dermatitis, a skin disease which is characterized by dring, red and thatching, causes of depression and worry in six out of 10 patients, which affect the quality of life and even bring them to self-suicidal thoughts, experts told them today.

They affect the quality of life

"It's a disease, it is considered, affecting 10% of the children's population and about 3.8 million adults in Mexico. Because of its symptoms, patients see their lives affected by socio-economic causes of this situation, "said dermatologist Angélica Beirana.

The specialist also noted, as acne, atopic dermatitis Main causes of dermatological consultation in Mexico.

Both have a significant impact on patients' self-esteem because they are likely to be arrested and discriminated because of their likelihood.

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Discrimination and harassment

According to a study carried out by the Mexican Dermatology Foundation of patients suffering from this disease, 60% are in depression, 90% of the disease and 85% 39; grow fertile.

Apart from that, especially because of fertile your hours are affected sleep, normal sleeping 2.5 hours less than the general population.

Similarly, 27% of patients suffer physical or psychological harassment, to a large extent children, and 11% have a disability; feeling discrimination due to the skin.

Marks and suggestions

"One of the features of this disease is that the skin gives up injured and scorned"Explain María's visor Jesús Vázquez.

Although cure, in moderate and moderate cases, is usually based on it skin harassment and medications, in particular steroids and cortisone, which are not about 2% of patients and patients; control the illness.

"At least 60% of cases are medium, 15% very poorly and a middle part, but many times the cure and the ongoing lack of cure do; preventing patients from having good control over their & # 39; In this case, "said the dermatologist Linda García, president of the Mexican Dermatology Academy.

The specialist said that patients should be special care for controlling this case How to use a special soap, bathe only with warm water and in a short time, use cotton, avoid sweating and sudden changes to temperature.

Experts ask the population to be aware of the symptoms, especially the riddle that is a key indicator of this disease and also inviting to enter the #BajoMiPielDA initiative, with which they expect to know and raise awareness of this disease.

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