Details of Lionel Messi's private militare came to light

The plane costs 15 million dollars and in the last hours, it only meets with a & # 39; crew to Aeroparque. Look!

The private fleet of the Flea
The private fleet of the Flea

Lionel Messi He is one of the best athletes in the world and he knows how he will get that money with his family. For this reason, the Rosario got a new plane with special details.

Depending on a double yellow, plane Messi It costs 15 million dollars and is already in Aeroparque, where he only arrives with crew. It was bought in the United States, although Argentina's plague is licensed. In addition, the Flea asked to build a croche in the town of San Fernando in Buenos Aires to keep it there.

In addition, this portal said Gulftream V, the 2004 model, contains 16 seats (or 8 bed), two bathrooms, one with shower, and two kitchens .

The fascinating joy of Leo Messi with his children that affect all Instagram

But this does not end there, Messi He gave him some buildings to make it a normal plane: in his visit, he has the number 10, and his family's names are at the airline staircase: Lionel, his wife Antonela and their three children, Thiago , Ciro and Mateo.

The stairs with their names
The stairs with their names

At the same time, the player is going to send it; Espanyol de Barcelona attack and will only go out to Madrid on Sunday to see the SuperFinal between Boca and River. And the same Sunday night will be left again to Barcelona, ask the Tottenham face to face at Camp Nou.

Well: Radio Miter.

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