DIMENSION HIGHLIGHTS restricting tall spores GREEN GREEN by Florida air night – VIDEO | The World News

The meteor lands over the sky at 1:55 pm. EST and witnesses looked at five to six individuals. The National Weather Service in Tallahassee said that the fireball was built with a weather device that was used electronically in storms. The group said that they were still working to find out where the star had come ashore, though it may have broken up in the air before affecting it.

Spectacular audiences brought Twitter to experience their spectacular scenery.

One stargazer said: “11 55f EST, a fireball, a light-hearted look. Angle frequency of 50 degrees. Considered by a net elevation of 40 degrees in the air. This is probably an 8th full moon in size. Five to six seconds of descendants. White as a fireworks. What do you think is #meteor? ”

Another person wrote: “In #Florida around the #Minneola area. They just saw how they looked like they had just burnt? Very strong…. ”

Another wrote enthusiastically: “DID YOU KNOW IT! just seeing a huge green flash crossing across the sky looking south from west of Savannah. May he be a star? ”

CNN meteorologist said: "Visitors come to the atmosphere of the Earth often but we don't always see it.

“Today we have so much space in place and cameras on the land that these events become more visible to the public at large. "

The National Weather Service said they had heard unconfirmed reports that the star came near Perry, Florida, about 55 miles southeast of Tallahassee.

If someone thinks they have found parts of the metal, scientists would have to run experiments to find out if it is, in fact, a space rock.

Scientists predict that about 48.5 tonnes (44,000 kilograms) of meteorite material falls on the ground each day, according to NASA.

“When a meteoroid survives its journey through the air and strikes the ground, it is called meteorite,“ the space agencies of space.

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