Divisional parasites, lazarillos, sloth and waffle: the emojis will come sooner

Divisional matches. Guide to the blind. A person who uses a wheelchair.

These are some of the emosis that have been announced today by the Unicode Partnership, the nonprofit organization that is hosting it. set text levels on the internet and monitor these ideograms.

The list, which includes 59 new characters, as well as changes for 230 options, focus on inclusion. People are very capable of creating emoji "hands hands" that appear in their own relationship, choose skin color and the identity of sex for each individual. Other options include emoticons that are available; Showing hearing aid, heroic members, sign language, can, or wheelchair.

In the new series there is an insect, banner, waffle, falafel, bulky face, white heart, sari and controversial cover in one piece.

In a world where people use emojis to represent everything from marriages to poop, The story causes many reagents as happened with the image of a fall of blood that has become a new way of talking about terminology and a symbol of making a pincer with the fingers that have been on the face of the fingers. keen over a very small part of the male body.

However, do not expect to see them short on your keyboard. This may not happen for a few months.

The Unicode Partnership will set standards for emojis agreements, which allow translation translating through the internet. Companies such as Apple and Google then need to take the design and code into their operating systems, Greg Welch, board member of Unicode leaders, said in an interview on 6 February. The new emosis will usually be able to reach mobile phones in September or October, the partnership said in a statement.

On 6 February, Apple's representative suggested Unicode to create emojis of access, and said that the new images "would promote a diverse culture that includes a disability "and help people to express themselves, as well as to showcase the help of people of love.

Google's commentary on 6 February said he hoped to launch the new designs soon. The latest update continues to & # 39; moving to more diversity, which began a few years ago when a variety of skin colors were introduced. In 2017, emoji de hijab was added.

"People want to have a vulgar hair or a special skin color, a headache and a hijab," said Jennifer Lee, who is part of the emoticons of Unicode emoji and helped Emojination, a community effort to make these symbols more in- captive.

"It's largely because people are trying to say the word" I "," said Lee, formerly an ambassador for The New York Times, during a 6 February interview. "They try to make their own appearance in emojilandia."

Tinder, the online application, campaigns for Unicode to represent couples of different races and different clans in the "common language of digital age."

"There's love in total," says the Tinder website. "And it's time for international couples to be represented in our general language".

"It's great and historical," said Ken Tanabe, who founded a Love Day, a group that encourages people to mark the decision of the US Lawyer Court's decision anniversary; he agrees an international marriage in that country.

"You talk about marriages and start a family," he said in an interview on 6 February, saying he had heard about people who could not decorate marriage cakes who was show their relationship and decide to use chess pieces instead. white and black

"By getting emoji that is already it seems that he says:" Hey, we are part of the conversation, "he said." We are part of the community, we have represented in the most personal part of our life. "

Apple has committed a campaign to add emoticons that represent people with disabilities. In a statement on 6 February, Howard A. Rosenblum, executive director of the National Deafness Association, was a civil rights organization for deaf and hard to hear people, working closely with Apple to create deaf emotions. and that he hoped he would help to raise awareness of the deaf culture and the many signing languages ​​around the world. "

One of the emojis (guidance for blind or visually impaired) offers a fun way for people to representing their identity and obedience to their dogs in text messaging and emails, said Becky Davidson, who works in the Eye for the Blind, an organization that has a " training dogs for blind or sight loss.

"Some people may feel they do not want to explain that, and that's their choice and they do not have to use them," she said. "But I think we're all in love with us and we hope we will show them."

Black spirits are an essential part of life for many blind people, as often as they often do. Record their email from "so and so," said Davidson.

However, some prefer to keep the name of the dog in private, so that others do not use their name; dog and hired from his work, Davidson said. Using a management image, she said, it would be a way of doing it; Introducing the dog in conversations without sharing specific information.

Dhaibhidhson, he does not use natural emojis, she said, because & # 39; She was born blind and he does not know what some face face seems like. However, he said he could be an exception to take a picture into Lawson, the age 9-year-old yellow.

"I think it's a good idea," he said.

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