Do you know where to go on holiday? Air offers for the summer will grow

The national and international airports have expanded in recent weeks to travel to an international destination before the percentage of a post has been introduced in terms of the same month of 2017, according to an analysis that was previously shown by the Flight Search site, Air Promotion.

"With their casualties, the fast-haired car is playing their final cards to complete the already scheduled aircraft, and to attract the passengers to meet the boxes and go with the world ", Matthias Mute, co-founder of the first Argentinean website that will Collecting real offers of aircraft.

The office said: "It's a move that will deepen in the coming weeks, especially for the end of the year and the summer season, where we Starting to see offers good for traveling abroad. "

Among the offers found by the site, a visit to Rio de Janeiro with a hotel is included, from 8 February to 15, for the total value of everyone of $ 18,616, offered by the high Atrápalo Argentina. "In terms of levels, during those days we had been able to get advertising pricing (even for summer) in a dollar, lower than last year. Most of these are, 39; despite exchange rate, still attractive, "he said. Tomás Dievescovi, Outcome Manager at Atrápalo Argentina. (Télam)

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