Do you think "Cacho" Laudonio to Carlos Tevez for the Superfinal against River

It's almost as part of the Bombonera. All assistants who stopped the surgery were in the open home training on Thursday afternoon that he immediately identified. An Crazy Banderita He was present, who broke his brooch and his / her; A few minutes section with the players and the teachers.

Then, he went around the adults of the court, his second home. He stopped a few minutes to talk to him Group:, but he does not worry. It stops next to its & # 39; Registry behind a fence and when ready to give a flexible response, he emits laughter instantly as two men were working at his / her; A comedy playing comedy on: "What a chest, they affected my tail".

Oscar Cacho Laudonium It's not a sense that its & # 39; his garden and his / her relevance to some of the foreign media applications, Consult for its history and connect to the La Ribera center. It helps everyone, always with laughter and energy; hiding over 80 wells.

"What the people on the court are a sign of feeling and passion, I do not say, what everyone sees", report Cacho, who remembers his presence in the Intercontinental 2000, when Boca won Real Madrid with Martin Palermo, and in 2003, one of the anti-Milan police.

The finalists of Libertadores are in its first mind: the last one, in 2007. "I saw in Brazil with her; Wizard Juan Román Riquelme, who made a big problem. He removed six members, they need to be confirmed and put them glue so they can play. There's no cold in that night, "the words he tells about Crazy Banderita that idol performance is ensured.

Surely you'll see its & # 39; A game with his wife and his family, but he regrets the soul that he can not be present in the memorial. Indeed, he said, if Boca is crowned, he does a place reserved for traveling to the UAE for the World Cup World Cup. At this time, it is a kind of mud.

Against the River, it aims to close a game and very hard. But Laudonio already gave out about Carlos Tevez and also contributed to Infobae: "We won 1-0 with its aim, tell me so". In the same way, he did not want to emphasize the coache for the ownership of the Apache: "Guillermo knows what he needs to do." In addition, he thinks it is better to keep cool in the second half when defense against the challenge is spent: "With its animation and emotion, it can take us on the "Couple". Will he be in a rabbit? "We did not reach the extension, we won before", he finished.

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