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Dogs could carry a deadly virus to humans

It is an animated version of the flu that is likely to pose a threat to humanity. It can be taken from dogs and cats to humans.

A new treat for influenza can be provided from sheep and cats, investigated for 10 years, by Dae-sub Song, the University of Korea's Korea (Phys.).

Previously, it was found that the canines can be hosts of the subset H3N2, called 'canine influenza virus'; in this case (CIV, for an acronym in English). Because of the flu pandemic, the H1N1 infection affected dogs. Depending on song, the two sub-tables can interact, making a a new change, called 'CIVmv & # 39';.

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The survey showed that the CIVmv's host dogs remove a red-leaved tube – which is used as an alternative to people in experiments – that they have the virus protection devices like the people: t the virus it is also the risk of species.

The danger is in lack of protection against the new vitamin, Song interpretation. Despite trying to develop a vaccine, the work is more complex due to the lack of impact of CIVmv.

At the same time, high virus infection has been demonstrated. In one case, which was examined by the Korean scientist, it was released cats shelter, where the man is 100% of the animals were infected and 40% died.

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CIVmv can become an endeminal virus among the nearest pets, Warns warns. The other risk is the ability to grow. "Pre-VSDs may be available rearrange or re-integrate with human flu viruses and lead on to new viruses which, in that time, could simply be a major result of pandemic diseases, "said the researcher.

The full results of the inquiry will be presented at the Society of Microbiology's annual conference in Belfast (UK) on 10 April.


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