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Dollar to contramano: it marks a fifth in advance in a row though, it increases the rate and way of $ 43

In the Single and Voluntary Trade Market (MULC) t, the money is paid 28 cents $ 42.08, A landmark week for the Executive, who expect new expenditure from the IMF (introduced in April), to avoid dolphins within the values.

For its market share, there is blue Getting 15 cents a $ 41.90, conducted on this survey in the downtown Buenos Aires. So the "contad con liqui" changed 2.7% on Friday to $ 42.07.

The Central Bank made its first sale Liquidity Lyrics (Leliq) to 7 days of term. The total amount given was $ 89,523 million at a highest rate of judgment of 67.2%. The average rate of cut was in place 66.758%, with a minimum judgment rate of 65.4%.

In the second sale, the amount awarded was $ 93,803 million at the highest of 67.2%, with an average of 66,892%, and at least 65,496%.

At the same time, the overall average was 66.827%, which was equivalent to the monetary policy level (and the total was $ 183.326 million).

A fall in the local market place is coinciding with the area. Such a case is that US money in Brazil falls by 0.9%; in Mexico 0.4% and in Chile 0.1%.

We should not lose sight of how the market is aware of selling three Treasury bills in pesos and dollars starting today by the Ministry of Finance.

Other markets

In the money market between banks, the cost is 57%. In exchange, $ 167 million was agreed to give money and / or pesos, through buying dollars for the next Monday and Tuesday.

In the Rofex, 965 million US $ was run. The shortest terms between March and April with final prices of $ 42.20 and 43.91; with the final stages at these prices, at 29.11% and 47.24% TNA. The end of August, the month of PASO, was left at $ 50.70 with a level of 47.97%. The terms were raised with upwards, rising over seventy pence

Finally, yes Central Bank background US $ 163 million fell to US $ 68,037 million on Friday.

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