Dollar today: up for a continuous fourth day – 11/23/2018

For a continuous fourth day, the dollar is growing up and rising 19 pence today, to $ 37.62, depending on the average of the Central Bank.

In contrast, The proxy will be 20 cents advanced, to $ 36.63. This market is where banks, large companies and the Central Bank are operating, and their contribution affects the sales channel, where the freedom is; buy.

An increase in the dollar happens in a week where the final offer of Lebacs was made and then the Government went out to support the surplus Le Letes paid 4% per month or modified for inflation.

In this last offer, Department of Finance including debt for just over $ 33,600 million by submitting two types of Treasury Bills in pesos, at 91 days.

Offers for $ 32,560 million of Capitalizable (Lecap) Government Bills in Pesos were issued as a result of 22 February 2019 (91 days) and $ 4,561 million of the Department of Finance Bills with CER (LeCer) in the offer. Prices required on 22 February.

Lebacs's final offer, made on Tuesday, leaving an expansion of around $ 120,000 million. It was expected that this would be included with the Letes, but the Finance Department was only $ 40,000 million.

All of these at times when Leliq rates come down from 73.52% at the highest (this Tuesday closed in 62%), in conjunction with a gradual increase of the dollar.

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