Dracula antibody is a faster movement of nature at 200 miles. Environment


Glossary of quarrying and Hawaiian Hawaiian, has a new case for the title of the fastest animals on Earth: the Dracula ant. Scientists have discovered that the small tropical insects can reach their mandibles up to 90 meters second (more than 200 miles), the fastest movement of life.

The nails used to & # 39; explosive movement to attack them, kill and kill them; kill prey, and then feed the larvae food.

"They travel underground and if they meet something like a cannon or a term-time they can be erased by the mandadan to kill or behave," said Andrew Suarez, Professor of Animal Biology at the University of Illinois, who was in charge of the Post Office "They can then save them to damage their case and then They are brought back to the nest ".

The species, Icon for Mystrium camillae, they already had high quality papers. However, scientists can find out how quickly & # 39; the move was only moving when advanced video technology over the last 10 years. Scientists also used scratch-ray technology to monitor anatomy in three dimensions to gain a better understanding of how the movement works.

A picture of the highest speed of different animals

The comments show that Dracula is taking their mandadan by sending it to the " push the suggestions together, giving them the section with inner weight. At the end, when one mandible is & # 39; Moving across the other, each will be released, in a similar move to people to click on their fingers.

Dracula's anti-raid differs from trap-jaw berries, which have always been considered to be the fastest geologists in the world. These initiatives start from an open location and suddenly they will closed as a mousetrap.

"Even among those who have the power to expand their game, the Dracula is very different," said Adrian Nic a ' Smith, of the Natural North Natural Heritage Museum, who was the co-author of the study. "Instead of using three different parts for the spring arm, the wheel and the lever, the three are combined in the mandable."

Dracula ants is found mostly in the tropics in Africa and Asia. They live in large underground colonies, or within tree stocks, so they are not seen rare. Their name comes from their unusual food habits, Includes a variety of defamation definitions. The adult aircrafts can not harden their process; In that place, they will feed the larvae and then help them; Excavating holes in the larvae and causing the blood. Scientists say they have their social stomach.

In future, the team plan will carry out more detailed surveys of the initiatives that are going to be. take action in their natural environment. "Their biology, how they capture prey and protect their nests, still needs descriptive," said Smith.

The findings are published in the Journal of Open Open Science.

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