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Drama Karina: Generation of Genetic Disease Changes the size of her legs and her life is "lost" – 02/08/2019

From her birth, Karina Rodini had a small and enjoyable place on one of her sliabh. It was a sign of the body; There are many people and even think it was very good. But at the age of his age it began to be innocent and coffee and milk. change the shape, color and size. The confirmation: neurofibromatosis, rare genetic disease that causes your body failure to be uncomfortable.

When he was only two years old, the doctors celebrated this judgment even though the changes began a number of years later. It was at 12 when his life was turned and They should go under an enforced mold to remove tumor which was approximately 9 kg measuring. of your banner. But nothing came to nothing, the disease never stopped and the shoes continued to grow their body; giving him more problems.

In total, seven interventions were made, last October's last year, but the doctors have never been in control of their illnesses. In the last few months, his feet were dumped and his life was restored as he costed his clothes and went out on the street. He is not able to do a normal life.

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"Every two or three years I work hard, the doctor will output approximately 1km of tools. He says that this is the most he can dispose of the lost blood, "Karina said to the Daily Mail.

So, its work was complicated too complicated: "It's been very difficult to find work because sometimes I need to ask the day to go to a doctor, "he said and said:" No one wants to work me just because of my appearance. No matter where I'm going, people will look at me "

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It is not possible to find a partner: "When the tumor did not grow so much, she went out with some people," said Patricia, sister of Karina. "But after the deceit was proved, she locked herself in the house and there came a little out. "

Fatima, the mother of Karina, had a life that has an impressive influence on her daughter's incredible presence. "Every year, it's been very difficult to see how the disease that throws my daughter ", the woman said she had to leave her work for her full-time daughter's care.

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Not just a lively or moving issue, since in the last time the disease has attacked other areas of Karina's body: "Your left eye does not have enough visibility and suffering from breath disorders When you need to walk over 20 minutes or climb up steps. In addition, she is walking slowly as the leg is too heavy, "Fatima explained.

"After the trick has been proven, she locked herself in the house and did not leave it very little," said Patricia, sister of Karina.

Its situation is getting worse every day, that is why Karina started to; Finding medical help with experts abroad. However, the economic issue makes this a bigger problem even more. In India he is an expert who can cure only for that, he needs a sum of 40 thousand dollars and started a strong campaign for raising the money.

"My name is Karina, I'm 28 years old and unfortunately I'm suffering from a disease called neurofibromatosis, I live in Brazil and I do not I have a specialist doctor to help me, it's bigger (the tumor that affects your leg) and I can not find any pants look good It's getting too heavy and I can not even # 39; and make simple things how you walked correctly, sitting down or rising. When I come to the buses, I have to go through the back door because I do not answer the front door. I want to have a better life, I want to get involved in surgery to eliminate my illness, help me, "the message the 28-year-old woman wrote on the GoFundMe website.

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The surprise of trying to cure and do is n u0026; Maintaining a normal life continues to be optimistic and its; dream of the campaign and send the ticket to pleasure: "I'm sure I get the last right doctor with help from supportive people and the money needed to cure somewhere on Earth. "

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