Ed Boon explains that Scorpion's famous phrase in Mortal Kombat is from Nintenderos.com.

Mortal Kombat 11 it's about to give up the land and is affected today by the news and legends about the title. And in this case, it is a was published by one of the game's creators, Ed Boon.

If you are a Mortal Kombat supporter, t Scorpion must be the famous head and phrase "Get over here!". But, this expression has the suggestion that Ed Boon wanted to say the center of the player: t

This is the first time I have been saying this. In fact, the term comes from a game I had worked on, Football High-Impact, where the players hit strange and strange things. I was still in that tonight and I was one of the men who shouted football at high impact.

So, it is likely that the famous Scorpion symbol, inspired by the football of American football, is famous. The less rare. Have you thought that the one most famous phrase of the game is?


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