Eduardo Feinmann made a fine on the agency of Actrices Argentinas: "I do not like to use a concern for watering the political mills"

Eduardo Feinmann

The public recommendation made by the actress, Thema Fardin, was accompanied by his / her; group of Argentinian Actrices, to send enough voices, but also some of them against. And journalist Eduardo Feinmann published himself against his move. "I'm getting into something politically wrong, but I do not go together with the actress together, I do not accompany a woman's claim all ", with those words the journalist established his opinion.

In his letter-on in A24, Feinmann made his / her writing; explains the purpose of his position: "I'd like to be going to join those women who have activity: to act as actors, and to accompany a girl who was going to Tell us your story (.) And it is true that we met a group of silly actors, in a situation where they put forward an exhibition with concern from a young woman on the edge of the platform. and others laughing and singing the hymn of hymn, after thinking and seeing, they have made me a lot of sound, because the same was the same thing. there


… Thelma and his story. "

The driver believed that there was a political need on his / her; This surrender, and mocked him: "I do not want to use a disturbance to bring water to her political mills and that the political political mill is very amazing." Many of those actors were in the & # 39; Parliament, with the support of representatives and electors who welcome the & # 39; move. "Then he said that what was happening was rising as a political and knowledgeable banner:" I do not; I like to convert to viruses or machism, the only thing I like for women and men is just good and bad people; life, and


He is a bad man, and Thelma is a good woman. "

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