Effective electronic cigarettes have to stop smoking, according to inspection

Do electronic devices help to smoke? go away? Its first complete and detailed evaluation is & # 39; offer an inappropriate response: yes.

The survey, published on November 30 in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that ets are nearly twice as effective as a smoking stop compared to nicotine renewables such as battles or gums.

The level of success was still low – 18 per cent among their electrical thores group compared to 9.9 per cent among those who had a " using traditional medicine – but many researchers who made tobacco and nicotine gave the clear evidence that they had been searching.

"This is a generic study," said Neal L. Benowitz, head of clinical medicine at the University of California, San Francisco campus, an expert on nicotine-resistant and tobacco-related diseases, who were not involved in the project . "It's very important for the range of learning."

The research was carried out in the United Kingdom and funded by the National Institute for Health Research and the United Nations Head of Inquiry group. For one year, 886 smokers continued to be randomly assigned for the use of electronic tobacco or nitotine reagents. Both groups also participated in at least four week advisory sessions, a key element of success.

The results of e-tobacco companies can be done correctly as Juul, who has criticized the government and the public for adding to what the Food and Drugs Administration has called on to have a disease to hitting with young people. However, they can also tackle the problem of driving devices from young people who have never been smoked, and still be available for clinical use.

"Benowitz said:" There is an inevitable problem between child protection from electronic cigarettes and the abolition of smoking, which is also very important. "

The use of tobacco causes almost six million worldwide deaths, including 480,000 in the United States, according to the Centers for Control and Disease Change (CDC). If tobacco use movements are going on, it is expected that a global death tax would be 8 million deaths annually by 2030.

Electrical implements contain the nicotine that is a? Smoking they need without the toxic target and the carcinogs that arise when breathed when tobacco burns. However, governors in the United States, Britain and the rest of the world have not agreed to be marketing as tools to stop smoking.

"Health professionals have been unhappy for their recommendation to use it because of a lack of clear evidence through clinical and controlled tests, and now potentially changing," said Peter Hajek, the main author of the study and medicine professor. Clinical Psychology at Queen Mary University in London, co-ordinates clinical trials through "public clinics to stop smoking".

The New England Journal delivered many of the current editions to electronic cigarettes, and publishes two editions and letters, and the election shows the public health debate across the tools. In preparation – written by Belinda Borrelli, behavioral health expert, and George T. O Connor, a geometric – put up the brakes at the option of accepting electronic cigarettes.

They felt that there were 80 per cent of the participants who had stopped the search; Using electronic cigarettes still hit a year later, and only 9 per cent of the nicotine rehabilitation remedy group still using nicotine products. That responsibility was created, a & # 39; writing, a continuing problem with nicotine and the long-term unoccupied effects on the use of electric cigarettes.

The preparation recommended that tools be used when other procedures failed to stop smoking, including behavior cures; that patients use the lowest nicotine amount and health professionals are able to; establishing a timeline for using electric cigarettes.

Other editing required the Food and Drug Administration to prevent all nicotine flavors for stripping machines, because it was attractive to teenagers.

The clinical trial ran from May 2015 to February 2018. Due to The people who had been employed in the clinics were recruited, they were already in order to stop smoking, a situation that could have a small impact on the results. Normally, the age-old, smoker and half-year-old partners were already trying to abandon their lives.

People with electronic feathers got a start-up machine with a renewable device and a bottle of a nicotine flavored lion, with 18 millimeters per militer (the most common in England). At that time, Juul, the tallest US supermarket, was not available in England. Juul (59 or 35 milligrams) is higher at nicotine proportions.

All partners have individual sites within the scrutiny groups to address the situation in their lives. When the masses finished the bottle of nicotine, they found a taste and intense amount of nicotine.

People who used to treat nicotine rejuvenation can choose from a variety of materials, including the pattern, chopping, gums and nasal salmon. They were even encouraged to put them together; Most often chose to n most for her & # 39; oral cover and cure.

As smoking is thought to indicate that they are not trustworthy, the researchers have a & # 39; measure the amount of one-oxygen carbon in the partner's analysis, more detailed study.

Maciej Goniewicz, one of the British research authors who is now a pharmacist at the Roswell Park Cradle Center in Buffalo, New York, said the success of electronic electric cigarettes is like a variety of items.

"It's about the administrative system, the degree of nicotine and behavior of the user," he said. "Electrical" cigarette "benefits the user to decide how and when they are; Smoking, nicotine rejuvenation medicine remedies have a specific guide, which is different for different things. "

Benowitz said that the high levels of people who can stop smoking and surrender among e-tobacco users could be explained later on; These people added more satisfaction to the tools than the other group did with their products.

In their editions, Borrelli and O. Connor reported a further investigation on smoking remedies: in one study, nicotine rejuvenation cure and Buproprion (Wellbutrin) received reasonable levels slightly higher than those obtained by electronic cigarettes. in this last essay. The drug line (Chantix) was even fair. In addition, these results were proven to be safe, they said.

Especially for American bicycles who have adopted Juul electronic cigarettes, with the higher nicotine levels, there is an outstanding question that can be the result of such a result to & # 39; stop smoking.

Some researchers believe that the body is in a position; including the degree of nicotine required to maintain a certain degree, high-nitotine substances may have a great benefit as Juul has been able to provide a & # 39; blow it suddenly with less puffs, which reduces the amount of harmful spray that may inhale vapeador.

However, Risa Robinson, a professor of mechanical engineering and a director of Technology Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology, has expressed concern about demonstrating analyzes; shows the cumulative effects of nicotine.

These concerns raised a letter that was published in the single teenage journal that hit in Colorado, the largest town used by ministers in the United States in 2017.

Tista S. Ghosh, who represented the Colorado Health Department, wrote; Public and Environment in the letter: "Free counseling was provided through the Colorado smoking completion line for children as young as 12 years old. They try to stop it to use any biootin content. "

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