Elisa Carrió: "We are Changing but we're not pollution, we will also change them" – 12/15/2018

Elisa Carrió today made strong chairs to the president of the Civilian ARI Transportation Party in the & # 39; Ezeiza party and made clear his differences with several of his partners within the governing party, but he proved not to be broken by Mauricio Macri.

"We are We change but we do not pollute, there are also Cambiemos, no computers, we do not have to do it with a pony mafia"Lilita added the balance to a full year of indoor confirmation she was a leader.

That was the strongest sentence; who lasted more than an hour and ten minutes, and made his prayers and even deors among some of the people who came, crying.

Elisa Carrió criticized Cambiemos.

Elisa Carrió criticized Cambiemos.

Half-place Carriage arrived ─ the debate started at 11 ─ and left phrases very hard. "We oppose company funding to political parties, we protect human rights of everyone and non-violence, we have never been fascinating and we will continue to co-ordinate and & end up to the end ",

"A man, a few days ago, sent his case to the Parliament as a place of the political thread, that day I opened a door to that place, which when I am posting up. The inside will become the leaders of the CC who have never been, or are not going to be part of any thread, "said the national candidate, who described the end of the Chamber Emilio Monzó.

Carrió confirmed that he was planning to compile NGOs to find out what was stolen. "This party was not ready to fight against corruption and liberation, but to protect humanism and ecumenism. We are going to take back the money stolen for ten year through corruption wherever it is. "

With his sentence about resigning his position, he left the ability to & # 39; leaving his bank early. "For now, that case has not been debated," he said Clarin one of your relatives.

"It's more important that money to return to society is justice, we will create an un-governmental group overlooking Paula Oliveto to find out what we stole from Argentines, "continued.

"Argentina is the Nation in which, if it goes on, we can be loyal to its principles, we can do it in peace and peace. But for that we must change Let's change from inside"he said.

In addition, he described Macri's legal legal problems, converted by coronary notebooks publications. "They've been Named by Justice, brother and father of President It shows that there is no shield for crime today. It's amazing that the top Techint executives are being handled today, and I did not expect that I worked for years for something like that. "

"Anyone in the CC will not be restricted to nominate any member of any political party, including Change, if it finds crimes of corruption. The crime does not have any party and whichever does not tell it, it can cause a & # 39; party. In this country there is no need for anyone, "he said.

Lilita is a fear that is always hidden in Government areas. In secret, many directors recognize that the applicant "non-governing, but essential"for the image of their election consortium, especially with a view to the 2019 elections, where Macri wants to re-election.

Carrio's judgments are always falling as a bomb in a & # 39; a regulatory party and the last one against the firearm use protocol for the Federal Forces. "The regulation for security forces set by Minister Bullrich's fundamental human rights breach, we will not go to coffe," he launched at the time.

Elisa Carrió criticized Cambiemos.

Elisa Carrió criticized Cambiemos.

Consideration of Bullrich protocol

This evening, he put it on that subject. "New racism is being rolled out around the world and is headed by a leader in South America. The Bible does not correspond to bullets", Expressed Carried.

"It's not about military weapons, it's about getting rid of the guys, the narcos and the system that was established in Renar for nearly ten years. The government of the Buenos Aires department, "he said, decided on María Eugenia Vidal's decision.

"The only changes in the history of the world are for peace and violence, we must ensure peace and this will be achieved when justice is raised," he said.

"We did not succeed in winning the battle in the fight against hunger. But we will continue to fight with the food banks throughout the country so that Argentines that do not have food. We need to save the work that we are doing throughout the country by making cities, especially in Buenos Aires City. I was able to to go through the works by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and the work was very impressive ", he numbered.

Carrio criticized the high taxes. "We need to create a federal shift for low taxes, the level of tax burden that connects SMEs and its & # 39; preventing maintaining maintenance generation. We need to do with staff, with the areas, with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, with everyone, "he praised.

He also talked about sex issues. "We have fought anti-sexual violence since 1997, which year we launched an innovative project in the Committee Chamber. We must continue to work on breeding law and also on no Sexual education, but not attack, or belief or experience. We need to set the focus to prevent pain, "said Carrio.

We need to change change from within

Elisa Carrió

"Human rights benefit everyone, I do not share a lot of Argentinians who do not believe that the army can have human rights. We can not be in our etc. The criminal code was made for those who commit crime and must be made, "he said.

In addition, Lilita refused to become a candidate for a Senate in 2019. "I do not have to go to the Nation of Nation. I have never wanted to be a native, but now I can not. I will be beyond the costs, but closer to me. "

The activity also provided a repositioning of a & # 39; ARI-Civil Partnership. Maricel Etchecoin, rector of Buenos Aires, left his role as General Secretary of the Party, and replaced Maximiliano Ferraro, Buenosairean legislation and Carrió campaign manager in the 2015 elections.

"Maximiliano Ferraro is the best director of CC and it is our duty to recognize the hard work done from the start of that party. Our new CC president has amazing, "Carrió finished.

"We need to be able to tackle the bad screens as the ones we are today, with the same values ​​and behaviors and accompany our very peers, Today is getting a good time, "said Ferraro.

"Finishing the crisis that is suffering from Argentinaich's suffering, it is the task we need to take control of the Archdichich no doubt. Change must be much larger than an election agreement, it must be a place that puts their work on the person as it is; first goal, "he said.

Etchecoin, at the same time, said "has been a privilege to guide the Civil ARI Cooperation with responsibility over this last time, I am sure that Maxi Ferrado and a new program of activity that will guide us to sustain the future and build on its "" Buildings. "

And he asked her & # 39; party to more departments and stressed: "We recognize that we are part of the government partnership where our name" changes, without changing our values ​​", to move to a Republic of freedom, a division of powers and where justice is a real axis ".

"We will continue to confirm Change, that is our way", which dictated the legislator of Buenos Aires, presented the position that Carrio would be a closing lecture.

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