Emilia Attias asked justice for her days of brutal murder of her spouse

Thursday, December 06, 2018 07:05

Emilia Attias asked for justice for Leila Sibara.

On November 29, Leila Sanie Sibara, half-sister of the "Turkish" Naim Sibara, 27, was killed dead in the head near her home, in the town of Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires. PLuis Alberto Villalba, 50, a victim-related device was arrested.

Today, Emilia Attias, a pair of Turkish Naim and sister-in-law Leila, took part in the parade from the Court Palace to Plaza de Mayo to ban on the trespasses charged with her husband by Lucía Pérez, who was murdered two years ago in Mar del Plata.

"For Lucia. Le Leila. For everyone. Lots of crime," the phrase with which his & her; actress actor with a picture on Instagram and seen on her parade.

Look at the picture:

Well: https://www.eltrecetv.com.ar/noticias/a-dias-del-asesinato-de-su-cunada-emilia-attias-pidio-justicia-por-leila-sibara-basta-de_108158


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