End of the World on the Battle of the Sheep | Culture

The best ones 16 volunteers There will be 12,000 followers of Spanish fans on this Sabbath at the Argentine Hípico Club of Buenos Aires in the Red Final International Final Final The Battle of Sheep, there are two Spanish representatives this year: Arkano and Bnet. A & # 39; The first one, Arkano (Guillermo Rodríguez, Alicante, 1995), who won in 2015, last year last year and he meets his / her; Final final final he won as one of the best names of his / her most successful names. tour in Castilian. Bnet (Javier Bonet, Madrid, 1999), at the same time, was internationally debated after they had been able to go. won in October in the Spanish finals in the WiZink Center with over 15,000 people.

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