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Fats in the US and commercial tension: Argentine shares recorded on Wall Street lost up to 8 per cent

The bad start of the week was the main appraisal of Inch Wall Street that hit the Armenian stock that was attracted to it in the US., especially for banks who lost 8 per cent half an hour before the end of the trip.

So, Dow Jones gave 2.11%, S & P 500 2.1% and Nasdaq technology, 2.27%. Today, the Force Reserve looks at the stock exchanges, which their committee has to do with; meet Tuesday and Wednesday to take a new decision on the rates.

The New York City was hit from this week: the Dow Jones lost between Monday and Friday 4.50% and Nasdaq, 4.93%.

The Argentineans share this measurement through ADR certificates to fall in general. In this context, the low performance of banks stood, with a loss over 8 per cent. Banco Supervielle (-8.2%) has been the decline. After that Banco Macro (-8.0%), Grupo Financiero Galicia (-7.7%) and Banco Francés (-6.7%).

The energy companies also fell: Pampa (-4.5%), YPF (-5.1%) and TGS (-2.5%). Other important hedges: Free Market (-4.9%) and IRSA (-4.5%).

"In accordance with outside markets, the Merval was evaluated this Monday, which lasted the week where it fell by 1.4%. At a timetime, there was a 3.9% drop in the Buenosairean stock market drilling 30,000 points to 29,975 points ", reported by Personal Personal Organizations.

Rava Classifieds tells about the local context and talk about "We will see the key posts at the beginning of the third week of December"" It seems that some of the local factors have been influenced, but in short-term, there is no room for them to do; putting the markets north, "explained the inspector. Eduardo Fernández, which indicates that one of the issues that are in place; worrying the world's investors, most of the US-China's military war, and the high level; may be in the folding level.

With an operating number of $ 711 million, the main loss was also for the financial sector with Grupo Financiero Galicia (-7.3%), Macro Bank (-7.1%), French Bank (-6.3%), and Banco Superville (-5.6% ) to their head. At the same time, the same benefits were seen in Aluar (+ 2.3%), Petrobras (+ 0.8%) and Edenor (+ 0.2%).

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