Fault for their winning winner on the Autumn Festival: they sent it to the Filipino artist – 11/22/2018

"Handwriting," he listened to a group of designers from the National University of Cuyo, just googled The image won by the poster at the Autumn Festival 2019, they noted that he was the equivalent of a dedicated Philippine artist, who is publishing on Instagram. Within a few hours and before the derision that created the paper In Mendoza, the jury decided take off the prize and use disqualification to the three photographers who made the copy, which they can not present themselves to other competitions at the Ministry of Culture. The prize will be given to the team who got the second.

From midnight on Wednesday, in a few fingers, there will be rough pressure The artist John Ed De Vera (@battery_full) from a woman with a hairy hair, a figure with anime features, was genuinely brought into cell phones many people from mendocinos. It was shared with students, teachers, journalists, officers and even they got a jury; War, which did not reveal the things that resembled Filipino's work when he chose it as "the most fundamental" of the posters that were presented.

On Wednesday, it was announced that the photographers of Pablo Miguel Morales, Daniel Federico Bordón and Juan Pablo Encina bujhaichean were a graphic prize Vendimia, under the name of Papercraft. They cost 120,000 pesos and their poster would be used in the different enterprises and throughout the trade fair market, which will be held the next March 9 in Mendoza. "We will try something that has not been previously seen and everyone (as much as possible) as we have all of us. We use the papercraft method, which is including cutting documents and putting them on the island's top to create 3D impact, "the authors explained posters in a newspaper with Los Andes newspaper. In the evening, he fell into cover.

Winners to compete for the Fèis an Fhoghair poster, which ended in a spelling crack (Los Andes)

Winners to compete for the Fèis an Fhoghair poster, which ended in a spelling crack (Los Andes)

The letter makers have their ideas throughout the morning in media talks and local radios, and content for the "memes" on social networks. "Spelling was proven and that is why we have resolved designers were disqualified"Carolina Clavijo, the president's jury president, organized the Mendoza Government. He said that the regulation includes sanctions so that those who are responsible can not. litter appears in other competitions in the department, although it is not yet defined for so long.

"It won by original, with method that has never been used in this event, but all the value it does not make sense more"Clavijo said. And he explained why the jury does not ensure the foundation of the works:" To apply for his & her; competition, a declares oath on his / her partner which ensures that the work is real and fundamental. We can not find out what artists of the world can publish. We trust in the good faith of their partners"

The jury president suggested that she warned about a check-up when the comparison between the images began to spread on social networks: "I want to run (in two hours additional time) to the jury in solving the problem, "he said. And it has proved that the second option is chosen in an order of merit.

Iain Ed De Vera himself used his Instagram account to tell him astonishment for the copy (Los Andes)

Iain Ed De Vera himself used his Instagram account to tell him astonishment for the copy (Los Andes)

The victim, John Ed De Vera, used his Instagram account (@battery_full) for translating surprised the copy, without authority: "In this morning I received many messages from different people who gave me information about the winning poster in one of the largest parties in Mendoza, the National Autumn Festival. I want to clarify it are the creators they did not ask permission to use my work as a reference. "

The artist asked for a divorce: "I'm sorry with this situation and I hope that the organizers will deal with the correspondence and do the appropriate tasks . " And he explained the detail of the deceit: "It is clear that the image of her / her" "on the poster is very similar to one of the nymphs of a newspaper cuts that I created a year ago. Although the visual identity of its poster and the artistic direction is very similar to the & # 39; A poster of a marathon I did two years ago. Thanks to everyone who said the concern. "

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