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Federica Pais's son out of one of the …

Dante Casermeiro, son of Federica Pais, was unfamiliar with one of the events he was given. He was confirmed that he had no connection with a delays in a Martinez murder that was abolished, but was also dismissed and arrested in order to be exposed in other crimes. At the same time, the Federal Asperger Union reported its broadcast criticism; case, as Casermeiro's brother has been diagnosed as Syndrome Asperger.

Casermeriro and Octavio Laje, who were arrested on Sunday Sunday, found a set of keys to a house in Martinez, and the owner said he had been stolen.

The woman told the police and sent to Laje, Casermeiro separated from that case. The two young men were arrested following a report on motorcycle fires. The driver's son was a toy-gun behavior and with Laje they were held Determining its responsibilities set out in a series of drugs made in the north. Father said in the week, asking "mercy", he clarified that the program with which his son is "totally misleading and different from what has appeared in the media" and his # 39; criticism that journalists used a name and its image to hold media presentation around the subject.

The Asperger Union of Scotland, made up of parents and adults with Asperger, has been recognized in a statement published from this issue that it is not a disease, because the media were reported, but "situation, variation inside the human neurodiversity"

The syndrome is defined by the Asperger Argentine Society as a "neurodevelopment setting, a change of development that combines people throughout their lives. It affects the way they ; giving world meaning, process information and belonging to others. "

UFA also said that Federica Pais is "participating and continuing to cooperate with the different Asperger groups, always helping us in good distribution". Finally, they put themselves to the media to "spread the truth of the syndrome and all its effects".

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