Feeding food in a bad condition would be a bad thing; going to sell at Obelisk

The Buenosairean Obelisco was prepared from Sunday to keep fans on the team that this afternoon is crowned as a winner of the Libertadores Cup that is fighting the River and Boca in the Santiago Bernabéu park in Madrid .

In this context, a Police established a & # 39; Bhaile and Buenos Aires of Citizen Security Operational Charge to ban the diversity and control of the street sellers who were already in the place.

So, in one of the controls, Buenos Aires authorities caught up in bad weather conditions and that was to be sold tonight.

The boundaries made by the Belgrano, Entre Ríos, Callao, Córdoba, Alem and Paseo Colón routes will be closed for traffic from 18:30. But from 18 the restrictions on public transport will begin: some of their stations will be disrupted and the Metrobus will remove its route.

Metrovías said "stations of Carlos Pellegrini (from Line B), Diagonal Norte (Line C) and 9 July (Line D) are closed to the public, which is under Obelisg from 6:00 p.m.

As Metrobus is on the 9th of July inactive, every bus line goes down. The parties from the south come to Belgrano and those coming from the north side of Santa Fe.

Those games that want to get into the center in a travel car need to go through Avenida del Libertador, Callao, Pueyrredón no Jujuy. But from the Buenos Aires government they encourage people to come up or with public transport to avoid transport.

The special security operation will extend from Corrientes Avenue to Constitución, whereby Police will be able to; Baile works with Federal and City employees.

Fences will be used to deal with the building, shops and offices in the surrounding area. Building facades are also protected as long as the neck and the streets are open for people to be circulated.

A wild truck is directed southwards and at Colman Theater, Federal Police officers. A policeman at his / her home; entire border, which will spread people south in a dispute case.

The technology is also available to take care of fans. There will be a monitoring system at Cerrito and Tucuman's streets, control the flow of people in the area. There are also larger security cameras and search brigades and pedestrians based at different points so people can identify in peace and of course. Excluded from turf and pyrotechnics will be prohibited.

At the same time, the Government's Executive Group, within the framework of Article 104 of the Fragmental Code of the Town Code will prohibit the sale of alcohol, and # 39; Control of effective compliance with the law near Obelisk, which includes the distribution and 500 meters out of

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