Felipe Fort gave 420 dollars to the famous Outdoor Battle and told his family history

With over 30 million subscribers in her channel, Rubius one of the most well-known tourists of the minute.

But, certainly, the 28-year-old young man who was born in Malaga never thought about the other side of the Atlantic Philip, one of the heirs at her; boy who was talking to him and decided not to & # 39; Provide less than 60 miles (about 420 dollars) Ricardo Fort.

"Is your family feeling good about doing something? get so much money? "Ask the Youtuber, uncertain about who was on the other side of the line.

"Its extension is in a & # 39; Credit card, I can explain", replied the child, who found out that he was" very weird ".

"I'm weird, I do not know if this is all legal what do we do? " Rubius between laughter.

"My father to the United States, to Los Angeles, California, helped us over the top. My father was like celebrities, so to be a Speaking and recently, on November 25, five years after his death, "he said to his own story..

"The factory is created by my great-grandfather, also known as Felipe Fort, and his Fel-Fort company. So I am now part of the company with my sister, "he said.

"Very strong, in my life, I heard such a story, "he was aware of the Youtuber le a sgeul.

"One of the things I want to do when I grow up, I have thought that people can enter and explain how you want to be chocolate. He also had ideas like buying shares in companies, "he said about what he would like to do in the future and his plans for family business.

However, Rubius lHe advised me not to think so much about those things now and to enjoy your childhood. "At least until you turn 18", he praised almost his father's way.

"Well Felipe, it's been a pleasure to meet you, and see that you are doing it; bending and going well, "he said to kindly Rubius at the end of the game, which is still moved by the personal story one of the heirs of the artist who remembered.

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