Filters with data and Huawei Nova 4 data

In the sadness and was arrested by the Finance Manager Huawei, an Asian company has a new and innovative presentation New 4 officially dated 17 December, although data and some of the images of the new device have already been recognized.

Until now, the leading part is seen in detail as a birthday party by a famous actor and singer from Asia, although he did not know much about a smartphone.

The Nova 4 comes with the fingerprint reader and a triple camera similar to its; Sure, at least the signature that was installed in the last March in the Huawei P20 Pro. In addition, the new airports have a Extracting existing tunnels of the brand.

On the forehead there is little surprise, showing the design already shown by her; camera set up just above on the left side of the screen and thus delete the tree, details. Due to the fact that the reader has traced his & # 39; behind and a finger screen image is not visible on the gray screen, it seems that everything says that this sensation will not be available under the panel.

Although the machines do not know inside the device, they are likely to go for a middle part of the market and do not. Stand at the Huawei smartphone phone head, although some do not get rid of the work of the machine.

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