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"First First" – Cosmic Witness of a Black Hole or Star Neutron

Post on 11 January 2019

The Black Black Hole or Star Neutron

"We know from the theory that black holes and neutron stars create when a star dies, but we've never seen them after giving birth. It's never!" Raffaella Margutti, physiologist and astronomy professor at the University of Northwestern, has launched a clear source of dysfunction that has been launched by an astronomer & The Cow. A "balloon" was a deep sitting inside the explosion. It would have been difficult to see this in an unusual explosion. But The Cow did not have much equipment, which allowed us to just see the radical view of the engine. "

With the help of WM Keck Observatory on Maunakea, Hawaii and the University of Hawaii ATLAS University of Teaching, the multidisciplinary team now has the evidence that they could capture the exact moment of falling a star to create a shape, such as a black hole or a neodron stroke.

The Cow is shown in the picture above, just visible as one of two clear places in the bottom below on the right of the spiritual disease named CGCG 137-068 .

The white debris caused a & # 39; come in and move to an end around the event, the glow is very clear. The study, which appears in The Astrophysical Journal, was published today in a press conference at the 23rdrd American Scientific Society Meeting in Seattle.

This rare event will help experts with experts better & # 39; Understand the physics that plays inside its & # 39; First memory of creating a black hole or a neodron stroke.

"Dark Hearts of the Cosmos" – Including new Fuels of Black Shells and Star Neutron

"Based on the presence of X-ray and UV disease, & The Cow may have been caused by a black hole that gives a white dwarf. But further comments on other waves over the spectrum have been shown that we explain that the "Cow" is to create a black hole or stroke neodrone, "said author Margutti, a member of the college at Northwestern CIERA (Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Astrophysics Research) …

The Cow was first found on June 16 after the ATLAS telescopes on Haleakala and Maunaloa were to capture a clear 200,000 million years away in the " Hercules communication. The subject disappeared quickly, and disappeared almost as soon as

The event quickly took an international interest and left soldiers to screw their heads. "We thought he needed to be a supernova," said Margutti. "But we have looked at our current ideas about the death of the world."

"The Illusion?" – ESO Image of the Sligo Black Supermassive Tholl

For one, the unnatural disagreement was clear – 10 to 100 times cleaner than normal supernova. He also had a screenshot and a & # 39; It's a quicker departure than the explosion of other stars, with crannogs flying at 30,000 kilometers second (or 10 percent of light weather).

Within just 16 days, the thing was already out of most power. In a world, where there are some of the final philosophy for millions and millions of years, two weeks are going to split the eye.

"We were aware that this source has been unsociable to a high level within just a few days," said co-author Ryan Chornock, a physicist physician and professor of stars at the University of Ohio. "That was enough for everyone to be encouraged because it was so unusual and, with reasonable levels, it was very close."

By using Northwestern access to the Keck Observatory bilingual dualization, the Margutti team took a closer look at how the item was done by the Low Identity Spectrometer (LRIS) on Keck telescope In addition to Deep Imaging and Spectrograph Multi-Object (DEIMOS) air Keck II Post-

"Keck was involved in deciding chemical co-writing and AT2018cow geometry," said co-author Nathan Roth, a JSI post-graduate at the University of Maryland. "Keck's unique situation is the ability to monitor the long-term behavior of The Cow. This can be difficult, because more time goes after the event, it will be Further, but with Keck's long-standing time, we can go inside the explosion inside. This shows that the visual scenes of AT2018 appears very well. "

"The Cow is a good example of a type of idea that needs to be a vital need in the sky: quick response to events that pass," said John O Meara, Chief Scientist Keck Theater "Looking forward, we implement new thinking policies and telescope tools that allow us to be as fast as possible as possible by the sky and the science."

The team also received optional images from the MMT Theater in Arizona, as well as Telesgop SOAR Astrophysical Research in Chile.

When Margutti and his team investigated a chemical and Commonwealth chemistry, they found clear evidence of hydrogen and helium, closing a model of hard objects to join together – such as those who are in a position; creating vibrant waves.

"He gave us a while for what we were looking out, I said months," said co-author Brian Metzger, a physicist professor at Columbia University. "We tried a number of opportunities and we had to go back to the board many times. We can finally explain the results, and thank the hard work of our amazing team.

Experts on traditions often analyze deaths in the flexible wavelength which, Use of telegopypanes to capture prominent light.

The Margutti team, on the other hand, made a more comprehensive approach. After ATLAS was able to see the item, the Margutti team forwarded rapidly on-going ideas by making it possible. using a variety of spectators to analyze the Vine in different pins.

The researchers were able to look at the thing in hard X-ray by doing it; Using NASA Nuclear Nuclear Telescope (NuSTAR) and Inter-Verbal Business Action (ESA) (INTEGRAL) Laboratory, soft X-ray (10 times more powerful than normal X-rays) & # 39 ; using X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission Mini-ray (XMM-Newton), and in radio waves; Using Very High Dimension (VRA) at the National Running Instruments Center (NRAO). This allowed them to continue to analyze the disorders long after their obvious original revelation.

Margutti influences Cow's related appearance; This secret secret could not be taken forward. Although stars may fall to black holes all the time, there is a lot of stuff around newly-made black holes; blocking the vision of the citizens.

Fortunately, there were about 10 times less of silk; gut around The Cow compared to normal normal explosion. The lack of material allowed rhetoricians to cooperate directly into a "medium engine," which appeared as a bad black or neutron-resistant stronghold.

The Margutti team also benefited from the close relationship of the Landscapes. Although it was located in the galaxy dwarf with a GVA 137-068, scientists believe it will be "right around the corner".

"There are two hundred million years of light near us," said Margutti. "This is the most remote thing of the kind we've ever found."

The Daily Galaxy via Observatory Keck

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