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Five suggestions to find out how to choose the separate notebook – 13/03/2019

When a person chooses a notebook – allocated to a budget and needs to get involved in a certain activity – there are many components and values. And though the hardware itself (a processor, disk, memory and plates) is more expensive than the team, the team is equal in equal terms. However, some intangible features, such as design, software and manufacturing quality, give it a different value.

A good picture brings a comfortable, wide keyboard

A good picture brings a comfortable, wide keyboard

Laptop computers can be divided into three areas, determined by the weight and size, the type of product and the amount of production they can achieve. The core tunes, approximately $ 18,000, are valued at home, surfing the web and respond to messages. The $ 35,000 intermediaries are for professional practice, are light, simple and quick. The top of the range is large and indoor, they reach 70,000 pesos and appear at gamekeeper or video editor.


One of the key decision points will be taken through the process. The problem at this time is that several of these families are surrounded by, and have a lot of use. One way is to differentiate models through their series.

"In the Intel line, those who carry H, are designed for gamekeeper or content creation. The powerful power idea is to bring the desk onto a laptop. They have 4 crosses and the frequency, which is increasingly introducing more frames in seconds, is increasing. U series, for office use, which is based on performance and battery life and uses 4 comparators to complete tasks simultaneously. Long the Y series, designed to have the battery lasting all day. This is the only thing that allows topical animals to grow because supporters are using heat sinks ", describing Ezequiel Bartelemi, Intel's sales technician."

As well as appearance, the design also includes mechanization and performance.

As well as appearance, the design also includes mechanization and performance.

Another key is explaining the sequence of numbers and letters that goes with each projector. “At this stage we have to consider three sides. The first box responds to the generation, the present one is the octave which is represented by the 8th, and is represented by the current one. The family, who can be in i3, i5, i7 or i9, and at the end of the row, may be H, U or Y. could be Celeron, the cheapest, ie Pentium, intermediate and basic, the most advanced ", Bartelemi information. t

What you can't see

The different prices between a standard model and a brand are defined by the number design; as well as the vision, also that mechanical activity and its performance. This invisible boundary includes these elements such as decorative keyboard, rounded edges and software itself, which provides a difference.

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"The software itself is considered to be greater value when you are choosing a notebook, because that means the logo can offer different services to improve the user experience. In this case, it may be that licenses such as an Office, antivirus, storage cloud may be increased. There are also applications to help overcome the difficulties that may be re-established (the system or reinstatement) or improvements to sounds, Wi-Fi connection or even links to the network t a 'smart-smart', which explains Damián Caputo, Dell's product manager.


Recently, the purchase of a notebook was made possible storage came to come. At the moment, there are three different types of media competing. The traditional hard drive or HDD, which is already recovering; a solid state disc (SSD) considered the other option that it could be because they generate less heat, are lighter and consume less energy. Another chance to take advantage of the power of the clouds to store information.

"For security reasons, it's cloud teams. If you fail to remove an appliance, you can get the files back and get information from any device. The price for SSD disks decreases, hence the price for SSDs." best thing to do with a cloud is that, for the large HHD, it is not as convenient at a business level, usually the information is stored on the servers and the family are scored. replaces HDD for security, capability and convenience, "warns Jorge Scaramuzzo, EXO's commercial manager. t

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One of the broader legends of a technological area is that other factors are similar, that advanced equipment will be much larger than economic ones. “A productive life will depend on the use and management given. If anyone who is looking at the guidance to use and care for their equipment is from dust, moisture and bumpers, life is better than someone who does not. Finishing equipment is higher value because they are located more powerful or more sophisticated processing ", said Melina Capodistrias, marketing manager of Lenovo Argentina.

Size and size

On the screen, the idea is to look for it the balance between its size and purpose. Those greater than 15 inches and about 1.8 kilograms give them a chance to work comfortably, but need to reach a 1,920 solution with 1,080 pixels to be good enjoyable. By contrast, 12.5 inches is not suitable for transport from around 1.2 km long. Not only for our smaller vision of the scene but also for the smaller volume of the keyboard.

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