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Flor Bertotti published and raised suspicion of fertility

A few hours back, the actor Bertotti Flour they shared a romantic drawing with Federico Amador. Bertotti's text wanted to go with the image worrying about possible pregnancy. Look!

It has been over 8 years Florence Bertotti and Federico Amador They live together in a new love story. Each of her children, accompanied by Romeo of 10, achieved a result of Guido Kaczka, starring Vito de 11 and Ciro from 9 -, they formed a well-attended family who are descended from them. must be seen now on the division. fun holidays and social gatherings together.

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Because their relationship is apparently concise, Bertotti and Amador often ask when a child – or child, is because it is male parents. Recently, the actor shared a black and white image, romanticized with her partner, and her idea revealed heavy pregnancy as a child appeared. T la100.

"And that we can go together to make a collage of bits of all that is good …", was the term Bertotti crowned. "You will be heavy" and "The child will come" some of the messages the actress has received. But neither her nor her partner replied.

It is remembered that Amador replied to his question about what he wanted to be a father again: "We don't think that you have a child. It's still a plan, so I hope it comes to a quick start"It said last October.

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To this, you can put back Bertotti's words back into his Instagram account, when he turned to a year: "This will be a year full of new things, challenges, and sure there will be some delicious foods and some food." elegant pistols … it seems enemy but I don't know a type that says bheilα FE move m̫o̫n̫t̫a̫ña̫s̫ … It was completely right in the world Believe that this is the key! with the day ending! "

Will a son come?

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