Flor Peña and a strong picture with Ramiro Ponce de León

The couple climbed a very hot picture with a glossary of a glossary.

The controversial picture of Flor Peña and her partner.

Florence Peña and Ramiro Ponce de León enjoy them It's been a long time after the year-old Scene created around Eliana Mendoza, and working together.

"Holy Baby Monday," Flor Peña wrote in the picture.

"What a beautiful picture", "It is a divine couple", "They are very foolish", some of the fans' ideas.

"When they want to attack me on social networks, they say a woman and I'm very happy to be a woman, because I was alive. I'm 44 years old ; age is very lively, "he began to be old at age. Then, worse, Flor continued: "When I started at the age of 7 there were no social networks or Instagram, there was almost no internet, and so things that happened to me in my home, thank God , "he continued.

"After my career, which was almost 37 years ago, it began to show networks, and there's many other good and bad bad things. I'll stay well, with a link, with its ability to be inspired, to find in social networks a new way of re-considering life and reconsidering a man. That's the beautiful section, " Flor finished.

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