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For the first time since he went to an office, Mauricio Macri will travel to Santa Cruz – 01/03/2019

After three years of post, Mauricio Macri has plans Visit Santa Cruz for the first time, The department is ruled by Alicia Kirchnerspread.

This was reinforced by high official, well-known source sources of its President's agenda. Although the exact date is not yet closed, landing would take place within two weeks, before the time the president goes to Brasilia to meet the new president of Jair Bolsonaro.

A busy day Monday, January 14. Then come directly from Villa La Angostura. And, then, the idea is to continue to & # 39; travel to Tierra del Fuego, another department that did not enjoy Macri as a state-of-the-art. If that day is not finalized, the tour will be made around Brazil. "But the decision has already been made," they confirmed at Casa Rosada. Indeed, this Thursday, the president agreed with his family to take advantage of staying in the south.

It still describes the # 39; home to which it goes and its agenda will be developed by the president.

"I broke every record of President who visited all Argentinian regions, except one, I can not go," said Macri earlier months.

Is that the case of Santa Cruz symbolic: the president was not even during the 2015 President's campaign: at that time, with the K in power, this trip exposed to the macrismo.

Although it was not clear that Macri had a question of a place in the # 39; his agenda: "It is the fact that the only area we did not go in. I wanted to support (Eduardo) Costa, but the fact is that He has given us, the country is very big, "said Macri himself to that campaign.

"Santa Cruz was always widespread, we would like to be ahead of us, now we think it's a good time," explained the official sources your Clarin. So, Alicia Kirchner will know that she will be invited to go to the activity in the days ahead, as happens when Macri travels to the interior of the country, Interpretation between President General General, Fernando de Andreis, and Interior Minister, Rogelio Frigerio

The same thing will be done by Rosada Bertone, the ruler of Tierra del Fuego, another still remaining area; visit Macri.

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